KRuddish Ambitions & Durban II


Durban boycotted – belatedly- “regrettably

Andrew Bolt

 The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

The right decision, albeit made later than it should have been:

The Australian Government has decided not to attend a United Nations anti-racism conference in Geneva this week.

The UNs Durban II Hate-Fest  (Canada Free Press)
Just how did an international “human rights conference” become the joke that it is?

The Durban Review Conference is supposed to work towards reducing racism, xenophobia and discrimination. But it has been mired in controversy since the 2001 meeting saw Israel and the US walk out over anti-Semitic comments made by some delegates.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says he has decided not to go to the conference because he is concerned it will again be used to air offensive views.

“Regrettably, we cannot be confident that the review conference will not again be used as a platform to air offensive views, including anti-Semitic views,” he said in a statement. “Of additional concern are the suggestions of some delegations in the Durban process to limit the universal right to free speech.”


It says something sick about the UN that a conference to fight racism is actually a conference to promote it. So what was Australia waiting for before finally pulling out of a farce it should have repudiated many weeks earlier? Here’s an announcement for the day before:

The United States will boycott next week’s United Nations conference on racism in Geneva because of “objectionable” language in the meeting’s final document, the U.S. State Department said on Saturday.

Kevin Rudd hoped to make his stand (and placate a furious Jewish consituency) only after others had made it first, in the hope that he’d thus be forgiven more easily by the African and Middle Eastern countries that he’ll need for his UN ambitions.


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  1. NZ’s Murray McCully just announced that NZ is also boycotting this conference.
    More worrying is the Ian Wishart story on what Helen Clark will be doing at the UN. Noone in NZ is surprised that it has just been announced that she is taking her girlfriend with her to New York and leaving her fake husband behind…What a B….

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