Halal Pork Riots in Indonesia

INDONESIAN Muslims have a beef with beef jerky.



Whole lotta porking going on: no, the riots haven’t started yet, but it won’t be long before the Muslims accuse the  Chinese merchants, burn their shops and rape their women, simply because they’re not Muslims:

Authorities have discovered that five companies selling the popular dried meat product have been substituting beef with pork, which Muslims are strictly forbidden from eating.

Indonesia’s National Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, or BPOM, made the discovery after conducting DNA tests on jerky samples from traditional markets in Java and Sumatra.

Some of the pork products were labelled halal – meaning suitable for Muslims – but clearly were not.

“I can imagine how furious the public, particularly Muslims, would be once they find out that they have been deceived all this time,” BPOM head Husniah Rubiana Thamrin said.

The agency believes producers used pork to increase their profits, because it is cheaper than beef.

About 90 per cent of Indonesia’s 240 million people are Muslim.