Islam comes rolling around San Francisco

img_9171If the Homo’s and the enlightened progressives knew what awaits them under Islam they would go apeshit over this blatant Islamo-propaganda in their streets…

Islam bus ads sponsored by CAIR and ICNA roll into San Francisco

San Franciscans have recently been finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of riding around on public buses plastered with the words “ISLAM – Submission to God.” I say “uncomfortable” because San Francisco is famously amongst the most secular and non-religious cities in the nation. But there has been nary a peep of comment or protest about these ubiquitous in-your-face ads, which are shown here in photos taken on March 2 in San Francisco.

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*  Jimi Hendrix was a principled conservative  and a patriot

One thought on “Islam comes rolling around San Francisco”

  1. I don’t suppose that BUGA-UP could be re-convened and creatively re-do these signs for greater Truth in Advertising?

    “Islam: Submit…Or Else!” “Islam: We Hate Jews”. “Islam: We Kill Hindus”. “Islam: We Kill Buddhists”. “Islam: We Hate Christians”. And so on.

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