Just answer the question, please

“Mister Carbon Footprint” doesn’t want to go there:

A reporter from the Times of India asked Obama that question. In response, Obama bantered, bloviated, and bafflegabbed, mumbled something about “dialogue,” but didn’t actually say anything substantive to answer the question. “Obviously, we didn’t go in depth into those issues,” he says of his conversation with the Indian Prime Minister, and then begins rambling about carbon footprints.

Shouldn’t the U.S. be helping India tackle jihad terrorism emanating from Pakistan? Shouldn’t this question lend itself to a simple and straightforward answer? Was he too embarrassed to respond, “Why, what we’re doing is giving Pakistan more billions!”?

(Video thanks to Pamela.)

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2 thoughts on “Just answer the question, please”

  1. That was soooooooooo cringeworthy!
    He doesn’t seem able to sustain a single concept and go with it for 30 seconds.
    It must be very embarrassing for some of the American people.
    His ‘fan club’ won’t even notice.

  2. A failed democracy – a failed dictatorship – hated by India – hated by the world – and yet we find a few billion to give these muslim scum – and meanwhile our own people suffer.

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