Muslim Arabs Threaten Canada Expo: 'All Your Dead Sea Scrolls Are Belong To Us"

 Pal’s call on Canada to cancel Dead Sea Scrolls Expo


Source AFP: The World and everything in it belongs to Allah

Ottawa: The Palestinian Authority demanded this week the cancellation of an exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls, which it said were stolen by Israel from Palestinian territories, Canadian media reported.

* Its not as if this cult of illiterate headbangers ever produced anything of value, but claiming all and everything from other cultures and civilizations is rather annoying. And very Islamic…

Top Palestinian officials called on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to step in to cancel the exhibition, which is set to open in June at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), according to the Toronto Star newspaper.

“The exhibition would entail exhibiting or displaying artifacts removed from the Palestinian territories,” said Hamdan Taha, director-general of the archaeological department in the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, reported the Star on Thursday.

“I think it is important that Canadian institutions would be responsible and act in accordance with Canada’s obligations,” Taha wrote in the letter to Harper.The museum plans a six-month showcase of 16 of the 900 manuscripts from the Dead Sea.

The scrolls, some of which are as old as the third century BC, have shed light on the earliest origins of Judaism and Christianity and are considered to be one of the greatest archaeological finds of all time.

The first fragments were discovered in arid caves along the shores of the Dead Sea by a Bedouin shepherd in 1947. In the letter, signed by senior Palestinian government officials, the objectors argue the texts were acquired illegally after Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967.

“I’m just hearing about this issue,” said ROM head William Thorsell on Thursday, according to the Star. “I do understand the Palestinians are making an issue of the ownership. But I’m quite certain the scrolls fall within the parameters of the law.”

Pnina Shor, head of the artifacts treatment and conservation department at the Israel Antiquities Authority, maintains that the Jewish state is the rightful custodian of the Dead Sea Scrolls. “As such, we have a right to exhibit them and to conserve them,” he insisted, the Star said.

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  1. Typical arab muslim behaviour. And these morons wonder why they are rapidly become universal pariahs.

  2. Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities? Surely they jest!Where in antiquity have the Pals ever existed?

  3. Everything in those Scrolls was written by Jews…including, most famously, the Scroll of Isaiah. They’re written, so far as I understand, in the Hebrew script; Arabic script wasn’t even invented then.

    Everything in them long predates Islam. At the time when they were written, the area was populated with…Jews. The Essenes were…Jews.

    Canada should tell the whining, whingeing, squawking, howling, arrogant b*st*rd ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslims to go take a flying jump; and go right ahead with hosting the exhibition.

    And any ‘demonstrations’ (tr: mass tantrums and disgraceful exhibitions of Muslim hysterics and rage) should be met with overwhelming force.

    Muslims throw tantrums like autistic toddlers. Only, an autistic toddler is a victim of bad genetic luck; a thoroughly ‘pious’ Muslim’s autism, combined with psychopathy/ sociopathy and malignant narcissism, is entirely artificial and self-inflicted, induced by the conscious imitation of a pathological example, Mohammed, and by absorption of the Qur’an-Sira-Hadith ‘programming’.

  4. These guys are saying what ?????
    Well, you can tell how ignorant muslims are…. They are always saying that the Old Covenant and The New Covenant are corrupted but they have never show a corrupted bible nor even have one.. Now that We can probe to them that the stupid coran is false they got to say this….
    Muslims…. learn and see how we display those rolls in your face !!!

  5. One more thing…. The coran is false… has no meaning, no future and islam is going dawn, dawn….. Time, give it some time and even you who are a muslim wll find the trhuth about coran and all those ignorants imans who teach hate and non peace… ignorants, stupid, poor empty people that has no future… poor you guys… you hate west but you live here and suck blood like parasites…

  6. lol at the warning at the beginning of the discussion session and some of the xenophobic comments in the actual discussion.

    This is not really an issue of Islam claiming that the Dead Sea Scrolls belong to it. Nor is it about the “Coran” being proven wrong. It is more an issue Palestine claiming ownership.

    Dumbledoresarmy’s comment identifies one key issue, being that the Dead Sea Scrolls are a part of Jewish heritage, but he/she fails to recognize that both religions share a common heritage to a large degree. Both are Abrahamic religions, and both share Semetic origins. Even the language is similar to a degree.

    So, since the Scrolls are a part of both’s heritage, we have to focus on the geography issue. It would make no practical sense if Israel claims ownership of the pyramids of Giza simply because it is the product of the Egyptian enslavement of Jews. Since the pyramids exist in Giza and not in Gaza, they are Egyptian. So, doesn’t it not make sense if the Scrolls belong to the Nation where they are found?

    Such issues are actually extremely common. I remember that there used to be an issue regarding multinational companies patenting local remedies, and refusing market shares. A large number of patents were retracted on the grounds that the locals had “ownership” of the herbs, even though the MNC’s had done the research on them.

    Having said this, I would like to say that I am not suggesting that the Scrolls should be returned, but the Canadians should try and compromise with the Palestinians.

  7. Yes, I have done a lot of free reading over the net on ancient history and have loved this discovery.
    I intend to study theology, ancient history and trek to the Middle -East to see everything for myself once the kids have grown up. I would like to prove the facts in the Bible true. I have been following the progress of different countries. It has been fascinating.

  8. Bosnian, Thank you for the link.

    There is a great amount of detail to reply to, over time. I am aware of most of those anomalies. As I said, I have done a lot of free reading for a while now.
    In general, I will say that the books are the reflection of the known world then. What they believed to be true then. About the size of the World, how it came about, how Man came about. I view the Bible as the first teaching book. It had everything man would need to know to live their lives successfully.
    As we all know, science and exploration have added an infinitesimal store of knowledge since. Everyday man and woman are very knowledgeable today.
    Just for example, the Great Flood. I have listened to all the recent theories put up. The one that, IMO, holds the strongest is, how there were two different sea levels between the Mediterranian Sea and the Black Sea. An earth shift caused the land bridge to collapse and allowed the sea water to flood the area. Geological expeditions have found the corroberating evidence in the soil layers.
    “From Many ancient Middle Eastern cultures have legends of a great flood, including the Bible story of Noah.
    Columbia University researchers William Ryan and Walter Pittman speculated in their 1997 book Noah’s Flood that when the European glaciers melted about 70 00 years ago, the Mediterranean Sea overflowed into what was then a smaller freshwater lake to create the Black Sea.
    Last year, Ballard found indications of an ancient coastline kilometres off the current Black Sea coast. His new discovery provides evidence that people once lived in that region.
    Ballard, a National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence, said he had studied shells found along the ancient coastline and found two types. One group is an extinct type of freshwater shell, while the second is from saltwater shellfish.
    The saltwater shells date back 6 500 years, while the freshwater shells all date to 7 000 years ago and older.
    ‘When you find a site you don’t just run in there and start picking up things’
    “So, we know that there was a sudden and dramatic change from a freshwater lake to a saltwater sea 7 000 years ago,” he said on Tuesday.
    “And we know that as a result of that flood a vast amount of land went underwater.”

    Just ‘google’ ‘The Great Flood’. Carefully select authoritative information and away you go. Of course, back it up with Library reading. Here is one link:-

    As for the size of the known World, any viewing of ancient maps actually shows how small the known World was. So, according to their view, they saw the whole World flooded. That is just another example.
    In conclusion, for its time ‘The Bible’ is fit to be the word of God.

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