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COPENHAGEN (AFP) — A grenade tossed into a cafe, gunfire in the street, dead bodies splayed on the pavement, residents living in fear — all sounds out of sync with the medieval cobbled streets and copper roofs of the Danish capital.

A bloody gang war between bikers and youths of immigrant origin has shattered Copenhagen’s customary calm and jolted officials to boost action against violence that has left three dead and 17 wounded in seven months.

  • “Youths of immigrant origin” – Orwellian deathspeak.

Two more attacks this week –– one Friday using a hand grenade — heightened alarm, even if police would not immediately link them to gangs.

I have been reporting on the civil war raging against the west in European capitals. It’s very bad  in Denmark. (its no better in Holland/ed)

In my interview with Lars Hedegaard back in September, he recounted  the bi-weekly gun battles between Muslims and Hells Angels in Copenhagen. Grenades, serious weapons ………. the whole thing. And no media coverage.

“A number of people were injured – one seriously – when a hand grenade was thrown at them outside a Christiania cafe”.

A young man had part of his jaw blown off in an attack last night in the Christiania area of Copenhagen. The what area? Who were the perps?

Video: Here

Man’s jaw blown off in grenade attack The Copenhagen Post (hat tip ETT)

A number of people were  injured – one seriously – when a hand grenade was thrown at them outside a Christiania café

A young man had part of his jaw blown off in an indiscriminate attack last night in the Christiania area of Copenhagen.

The 22-year-old and four friends were sitting at a picnic table outside Café Nemoland when a hand grenade landed near them shortly after midnight.

Henrik Vedel from the Copenhagen Police called it an ‘unscrupulous attack, where the perpetrator had no qualms about who was hit’. Vedel said the hand grenade had been thrown from a darkened area behind the restaurant, but so far police have found no trace of the attacker.

No motive has yet been established for the attack and police said none of the five people at the table were previously known to authorities. They have appealed for witnesses to the attack to come forward with any information.


The Lars Hedegaard Interview: Part I and Part II 



 We have been witnessing protracted riots in Greece. We have seen shortlived riots in Copenhagen.

The red fascists and their Muslim friends are challenging their tie-wearing colleagues (Fabian socialists ) governing Europe. The revolutionary red fascists are losing patience with the snail speed at which the New World Order is being introduced.

One man who sees and fears that is former EU President, Nicolas Sarcozy. He knows what happened in 1968 – and sees how the leader of the riots then, MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit,  is growing increasingly impudent – as manifested towards Czech President Klaus.
Sarkozy fears a repetition of 1968 – and so has deferred 2 proposals.  

French-riots-2008EUobserver Dec. 23, 2008: French President Nicholas has dropped plans for changes to high school curricula and Sunday retail opening hours in dread that the “Greek syndrome” could spread to France, or even across the continent. “We can’t have a European May ’68 for Christmas.”

The month-long protests by high-school students’ unions against the education changes that saw school buildings barricaded across France, boiled over in Rennes in the west of the country in particular, turning violent.

Things are heating up everywhere in Europe, in Greece, but also in Spain, Italy and even in France. The slogan of the Greek students about ‘the €600 Generation’ could easily catch on here,” President Sarkozy told his ministers. (Nevertheless, Sarkozy has pledged to create a new world by means of Islam and  racial mixing ).

Comment: Strange to hear that from immoral Sarkozy. The 1968 revolution was a smart Jewish led  trick (Frankfurt School) to break down our moral defences against the dictatorship of the New World Order  – its efficiency increasing manifold through the Rockefeller-supported Mental Hygiene movement. 

In recent weeks, demonstrations, occupations of universities, and even the blocking of railway lines have spread across Spainin protest at the Bologna Process, an EU-inspired series of university and college reforms.

The Bologna Process has also provoked significant student opposition in Italy, Finland and Croatia, with hundreds of thousands of students, professors and parents descending on Rome on 30 October for the largest student protest the country has seen since the sixties. Here the communists are now seeing their chance. BusinessWeek, 21 Jan. 2009 reports crisis-riots in the Baltic countries, Bulgaria – and impending ones in Hungary – Russian instigation being indicated by Lithuanian President Adamkus.


Karl Marx resurrected
Welt Online 3 Jan. 2009: 
Karl Marx has returned, if not quite from the grave then from history’s dustbin.German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück recently said that Marx’s answers “may not be irrelevant” to today’s problems.
French President Nicholas Sarkozy allowed himself to be photographed leafing through the pages of Marx’s Das Kapital.
A German filmmaker, Alexander Kluge, is promising to turn Das Kapital into a movie.


MarxThe implication of Marx’s renewed popularity is that capitalism is now universally accepted as being fundamentally broken, with the financial system at the heart of the problem.


Point five of a 10-point programme was  “centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State property and an exclusive monopoly.”


In the face of the difficulties of big automobile producers and smaller suppliers alike, many are demanding that, as part of the rescue package, the state should compel banks to lend.

The chances are higher that a large number of decision makers will be able to identify helthy new projects successfully, when the crisis is over and much slimmer that a centralized version of financial planning will do so successfully.

Hammer-og-segl-flagIn Defence of Marxism”, Morocco 6 Jan. 2009: The Marxists organised in the Communist League of Action 
 were active on those demonstrations. During our speeches we explained that the ruling class in Israel was going through a profound economic and political crisis. We then added that there is no solution possible for the Palestinian masses under capitalism and the only solution out of this barbarism is socialism.
These mass mobilisations of the youth in Morocco, as in the rest of the Arab world, are no accident. We understood long ago that, just as in Greece, the anger of the youth, who have been suffering misery and repression in Morocco, was just waiting for an opportunity to come to the surface. The youth has now risen!

Here is a follow up in the New York Times on Nov. 18. 2008 by one Sudhir Venkatesh:  “France will not be spared the sword. I predict that the world will watch French cities light up in youth unrest in 2009, 2010 at the latest … 2011 for sure.”

The Times Online 25 Jan. 2008 

Capitalism-in-crisisThe study of “Soviet Britain” has found the government’s share of output and expenditure has now surged to more than 60% in some areas of England and over 70% elsewhere.


Across the whole of the UK, 49% of the economy will consist of state spending, while in Wales, the figure will be 71.6% – up from 59% in 2004-5. Nowhere in mainland Britain, however, comes close to Northern Ireland, where the state is responsible for 77.6% of spending,

Experts believe the recession will tighten the state’s grip still further.


The state now looms far larger in many parts of Britain than it did in former Soviet satellite states such as Hungary and Slovakia as they emerged from communism in the 1990s, when state spending accounted for about 60% of their economies.

A Labour source in The Independent 26 Jan. 2009
“Package after package has come out in a panic-stricken stream from the Government and a lot of  that money’s already been lost.”

The Telegraph 26 Jan. 2009
Das-kapitalThe US is losing 500,000 jobs a month. Brazil lost 650,000 in December. Beijing says 10m Chinese have lost their jobs since the crunch began. Japan’s exports fell 35pc last month, year-on-year.

Karl Marx is coming  back
 due to the efforts of his New World order masters- as proved by “Das Kapital” being a bestseller – even in Japan, in Germany and elsewhere . We have seen that although revolutionary marxism died off after the fall of the Soviet Union - the delay-tactics of the Fabian communists is very successful – transforming countries like Denmark and Sweden into communist states – distributing wealth – whereas the Soviet Union distributed poverty. 
Are we ignoring a growing revolutionary Marxism in the Muslim world – vying with the Muslims for a New World Order?

Now Obama´s head of the climate branch of his administration, Carol Browner, is such a Fabian socialist direct from the Socialist international.  That Gordon Brown and Tony Blair belong to that ilk has been known for a long time – and their transforming the UK into old-fashioned communist state poverty is becoming evident according to the above.

No wonder: Marx and Engels were members of a group of exiled Germans in London - according to Engels  called “the Righteous Men’s League”, which was renamed “The Communist League.” It had its origins in the “Outlaws´ League”, which according Engels had its roots in babouvism, which was founded by illuminatus and ´communist revolutionary Babeuf on the basis of his “Manifesto of Equals” from 1796.
Karl-marx-et-satanEarly bolsheviks differed little from babouvists and called themselves Spartakists – after Weishaupts alias Spartakus. Marx and Engels wrote in the foreword of “The Communist Manifesto´s” German 1872 edition  that at the congress in London in 1847, the secret Communist League commissioned them to draw up a party programme.

And so they did following Weishaupt´s illuminati programme. The choice of 1 May – the day of the foundation of the illuminati in 1776 as the Socialist´s International Day of Action also favours the view that Marx was an illuminist. Both Marx, Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild were Jews with knowledge of the Talmud and its Pharisean view of the gentiles as underlings.

So communism is just a tool of illuminism. The rich bankers behind illuminism  don´t care whether we call the prevailing system capitalist or socialist. To them only the fact matters that we obey their world Governance/Government  as obedient slaves and pay our taxes, climate and energy tolls to them – and don´t disturb their business by disagreements over e.g. religion. See this video which shows some of the champions of the New World Order. That´s why they are so busy eliminating racial dispute by racial mixing and religion disputes through their global United Religions Initiative – a concoction  of all existing religions. A few days ago the videotext of the Danish TV 1 informed us that the racism observers were very much concerned because every 10 Dane would not mate with a coloured person!!

Soviet-jackEussr-flagBy the way, the EU states to be illuminist(explanatory statement) . So, theBilderberger , British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated(AFP) on 26 Jan 2008:“We could view the threats and challenges we face today as the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order.” Whereupon he intends to communise the labour market and demands more international regulation!
See Mr. Brown´s New World Order speech video on the right margin of this blog.
CNN 27 Jan 
2009: Speaking to CNN, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder, (Bilderberger 2003), Klaus Schwab, said the world was in the midst of a “transformational crisis We have to create a new world and that is what Davos 2009 will be all about.

Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has the solution  – CNN 28 Jan 2009:”The worldwide economic recession has exposed a “crisis of global governance” that can only be addressed by the radical reform of the United Nations,”
The Independent 28 Jan 2008: “For excitement, look to the reunited motley crew of Peter Mandelson, Nat Rothschild(named “A Young Global Leader” by the WEF in 2005 … As the money men wane because they are too ashamed, politicians are reasserting their grip: 41 heads of state and government are present.

Who has given these scoundrels – who are responsible for the crisis – the authority to force a change of our  world on us without asking us??  


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