Pakistan Meltdown Watch: Sikhs on the Run After Taliban Demand Jiziyah

Pakistani jihadist says “we’ll continue our struggle” to impose Sharia on all of Pakistan

And he said: ‘‘People who opposed sharia were neither sincere to Islam nor the nation.’’

He said it.

Honest Ibe Hooper, please go to Peshawar and straighten this guy out. Teach him about the Peaceful, Pluralistic, and Democracy-Compatible Islam in which you so devoutly believe.

“We’ll impose sharia across Pak: Taliban,” by Omer Farooq Khan for the Times of India, April 15 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

Pakistan: “Miscreants” at it again, killing cops and blowing up girls’ school

Of course, had this report explained the stated goals of these “unknown miscreants” — the total application of sharia, including keeping females uneducated — this story would make a bit more sense. “Cop killed, school blown up,” from The News, April 14: via JW

Pakistan: Sikh families leave area after Taliban demand jizya


  • Islamic Crusades in India  (Occidental Soapbox)
  • (Video) Muslim armies massacred tens of millions of Indians explicitly in the name of their religion. This brief history of their brutal and bloody Jihad is a must watch.

A few years back a prominent moderate Muslim denounced the “fear-mongering of those obsessed with jihad, shariah, and the dhimma.” He said that the dhimma was a thing of the past and should stay that way, and that “the dhimma is now held out by a demagogic element in the West as a terrifying symbol of Islamic domination, and Western advocates of any rational approach to Islam short of a crusader war are regularly insulted as dhimmis, or people who have surrendered to Muslim rule.”

But it is not demagoguery. The jizya, mandated by Qur’an 9:29, is a central part of the dhimma, and it is still very much alive.

“Sikh families leave Orakzai after Taliban demand jizia,” by Abdul Saboor Khan for the Daily Times, April 15 (thanks to JW):

HANGU: Sikh families living in Orakzai Agency have left the agency after the Taliban demanded Rs 50 million as jizia (tax) from them, official sources and locals said on Tuesday.Residents of Ferozekhel area in Lower Orakzai Agency told Daily Times on Tuesday that around 10 Sikh families left the agency after the demand by the Taliban, who said they were a minority and liable to pay the tax for living in the area in accordance with sharia.

Locals said the Taliban had notified the Sikh families about the ‘tax’ around a week ago. They said of the 15 Sikh families in Ferozekhel, 10 had shifted while the remaining were preparing to do so.

The locals said the families were impoverished and had left the area to avoid any Taliban action.


Surprise: Obama Administration against Pakistani Sharia deal

Gibbs: “The administration believes solutions involving security in Pakistan don’t include less democracy and less human rights. The signing of that denoting strict Islamic law in the Swat Valley … goes against both of those principles.”

Why is this a surprise? Because Harold Koh doesn’t seem to have any problem with Sharia, and because the Obama Administration, in its many overtures to Iran and the Islamic world in general, has never before raised the slightest objection to Sharia on human rights grounds or any other grounds.

Will the Obama Administration now come out against the Sharia provisions in the Iraqi and Afghan constitutions? Will it begin to oppose, on human rights grounds, stealth jihad initiatives to bring elements of Sharia into the U.S.?

“US critical of Pakistan Islamic law deal in Swat,” by Nahal Toosi for AP, April 15 via JW


Taliban kill young couple for eloping

  • There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

No fun, no joy — and don’t even get him started about romance.

“Afghan Taliban kill young woman, man for eloping,” by Amir Shah for AP, April 14 JW


It’s official: Zardari signs off on sharia law in Pakistan’s Swat Valley

What could possibly go wrong?

Once (or if) they realize this massive concession won’t bring lasting peace, the government in Islamabad will find it all but impossible to undo it, if they even wanted to. An update on this story. “Pakistan president signs off on Islamic law deal,” by Asif Shahzad for the Associated Press, April 13:

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s pro-U.S. president signed a regulation late Monday to put a northwestern district under Islamic law as part of a peace deal with the Taliban, going along after coming under intense pressure from members of his own party and other lawmakers.

Asif Ali Zardari’s signature was a boon for Islamic militants who have brutalized the Swat Valley for nearly two years in demanding a new justice system. It was sure to further anger human rights activists and feed fears among the U.S. and other Western allies that the valley will turn into a sanctuary for militants close to Afghanistan.

Whatever criticism may come, Zardari can claim some political cover — the National Assembly voted unanimously Monday to adopt a resolution urging his signature, although at least one party boycotted.Earlier, a Taliban spokesman had warned lawmakers against opposing the deal.


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