Providing Excuses For Rage Boy

*  Liberalism is not only a mental disorder, its a death wish.  Here we have a desperate judge  bending over backwards to find excuses for a derailed Muslim. I’m so glad he didn’t blame it on climate change:



Tim Blair – 

Racism causes heroin addiction in South Australia: 

An Iranian refugee tried to set fire to a man in Norwood as a result of racism-related depressionafter September 11.

Kayvan Zarei, 30, of Marden, was found guilty of assault and endangering life in the District Court late last month after he tried to punch a woman and set fire to a witness outside the Norwood Centrelink office in 2006.

The court heard that Iranian-born Zarei, who migrated to Australia with his family in 1999, developed depression and a heroin addiction following a backlash against Muslims in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks. 

A kindly judge declined to imprison him: 

“The offence was committed in circumstances where you had lost your employment,” he said.

“You were suffering withdrawal psychosis from drugs, you were having difficulty coping with the stressors of your life and you reacted erratically, inappropriately, and in what was, on all accounts, a bizarre manner.” 

12 thoughts on “Providing Excuses For Rage Boy”

  1. But muslims didn’t do “9/11” – it was a CIA / Juice conspiracy, nothing
    to do with islam, which is a religion of peace, and the only “backlash”
    was fawning dhimmitude & appeasement, like that of the “judge”
    above. Where’s Judge Judy? She can smell BS, not shovel it.

    An “appropriate” response, apart from letting the perp go free, would
    be to muzzle Tim Blair (and Sheik YM of course) with a “clean feed”.

  2. Hmm.

    Amazing isn’t it how everyone is a psychologist when it comes to explaining deviant human behaviour.

    Poor fellow was taking on himself the burden of the”backlash” against his fellow Muslems after 9/11.

    Was he also burdened by the death of all those innocent people and the suffering experienced by wives, husbands, sons, daughters of those who died in that awful tragedy?

    The problem with the judiciary is the lack of accountability. Sure, an appeals court can overturn a prior conviction or acquittal, but no judge in that scenario is going to loose any sleep.

    The whole thing is just an elaborate game.

    What we require is fixed terms of tenure of say five years , continuation as a judge based on the simple criterion as to whether decsions handed down have adequately accommodated community expectations.

    If not, kick then out.

  3. So Muslims suffer depression after flying aircraft into buildings and killing 3,000 people. And its our fault.

  4. I think that the police and public should rally against the sentence. It is far too lenient. I will see what I can find out and then post.

  5. * The problem with the judiciary is the lack of accountability.

    Exactly, Marty. They will burden us with a “duty of care” when we
    do something “wrong”, but are “independent” when doing all this
    “catch & release” nonsense with violent criminals.

  6. He’ll be in trouble again before long…give him six months…then this judge won’t be accountalbe..etc etc..There should be an outrage over this sentence.

  7. Marty has identified the fundamental cause of our inability to stand up to islam. In my country (Canada) and all other tolerant, democratic states the judiciary has for more than thirty years been drifting further and further away from the will of the people and from reality itself. Our beloved Supreme Court has recently ruled that all schoolchildren must attend classes which teach that homosexuality is as valid as hetrosexuality, and that parents who withdraw their children from these classes must be criminally prosecuted for hate crime; that Willy Picton, our country’s worst ever mass murderer, may not be charged with first degree murder, because although he set out at night to torture and murder a prostitute, he did not specifically intend to murder this particular prostitute; and that the legal definition of marriage may not be restricted to the union of one man with one woman. One is reminded of the acrimonious middle ages debate which erupted over the question of how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

  8. “i am not able to understand why only muslims are targeted for all this.”


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