President Hussein joins anti-American, anti-Israel OIC barbarian Yuman Rites Circus

* Newsflash: Red Ken finds something to do: Ken Livingstone Is Working For the Islamic Republic of Iran Propaganda Station

* The Dying of the Light   [Mark Steyn] Free speech continues to shrivel remorselessly week by week. Of the disgusting U.N. “Human Rights” Council resolution, the Globe & Mail writes:


* Don’t say I told you so. Obama lived his formative years as a Muslim. Jeremiah Wrights racist black church is closely associated with Farrklan’s Nation of Islam and anything but Christian.  This guy will ruin America and intends to destroy Israel. Obama is the Manchurian candidate!

Atlas Shrugs:

Who the hell is President Hussein working for? This is a war crime …… the UN “human rights council” is a battering ram for the Organization of the Islamic Conference, whose objective is global Islamic domination. Go here now, and here and here.

According to Bat Ye’or, “the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is a group that brings together 57 Muslim countries, has decided to bring into the international forefront and into the Western world, this rule of Dhimmitude that imposed the respect of Islam by non-Muslims. This is what we see now, and they have decided too, that the Muslims who are integrated in non-Muslim countries are a part of the universal Ummah, and that their rights to be respected must be applied. 

[….] Unfortunately what I see now, organized in the OIC, is exactly the contrary. The OIC brings all the Muslim countries, the 57 Muslim countries, together, and I wouldn’t say the same rule of course, the same organization, the same politics, its aim at creating a block, a Muslim block, which is, it plans to unify it by rooting it in the Koran and Sharia and the Sunna. So we are going to see a stronger, even a stronger Islamic block, more fundamentalist.”

U.S. to Join U.N. Human Rights Council

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