UK: 7/7 Bombings end of the road

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No Justice Here:

No one will be brought to justice for the mass murder of 52 people in the 7/7 London bombings, security sources conceded last night as three men were acquitted of helping the terrorists.


After a massive security operation, a four-year investigation and two trials costing well in excess of £100 million, three friends of the lead suicide bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan, were cleared by a jury of being part of his support cell. Sadeer Saleem, 28, left court a free man but Waheed Ali, 25, and Mohammed Shakil, 32, were convicted of attending terrorist training camps and will be sentenced today.  Continued below…

Gordon Brown’s government has suffered a surprise defeat in the Commons on its policy of restricting the right of former Gurkhas to settle in the UK.

The Government made last-minute concessions this afternoon to try to head off defeat over the settlement of Gurkhas in Britain.

Detectives are certain that the bombers received help from within the Muslim community in Beeston, Leeds, which, they say, is reluctant to co-operate with police. Sources said that potential witnesses had been “actively dissuaded” from helping police. As many as ten sets of unidentified fingerprints were found in bomb factories used by Khan, 30, and the three other men who killed themselves in the attacks on three Tube trains and a London bus on July 7, 2005.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner John McDowall, of the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command, said: “While those directly responsible for the bombings died in the attacks, we remain convinced that others must have been involved in the planning.”

Mr McDowall appealed for witnesses to come forward, but Andy Hayman, the Yard’s head of counter-terrorism in July 2005, writes in The Times today that the trial was “the last throw of the dice” for the 7/7 investigation.

Survivors and relatives of the victims accepted the verdicts with resignation and demanded immediate publication of an Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) report into 7/7, the urgent opening of inquests and an independent inquiry with powers to summon witnesses.

“We want an inquiry which can get to the bottom of what went wrong and why Khan wasn’t stopped. We don’t want a witch-hunt, we just want the truth,” said Rachel North, who was injured in the blast at King’s Cross.

The ISC report is expected in two weeks. The key issue for the relatives will be the fate of a fax message sent by MI5, which watched Khan in 2004 as he associated with another British terrorist, to West Yorkshire Police asking for his movements to be watched.

Informed sources say that receipt of the fax was never acknowledged. Police did not monitor Khan and he flew to Pakistan where he was groomed by al-Qaeda leaders to become a suicide bomber.

Graham Foulkes, whose son David, 22, died on a Circle Line train at Edgware Road, said that the trial revealed that there had been significant pre-attack intelligence about Khan.

He said: “Immediately after the bombings the Home Secretary, Tony Blair and other politicians were saying these men were ‘clean skins’ and the attacks came ‘out of the blue’. Either they were lying, or the intelligence community lied to the politicians.”

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  1. It is for the people of the UK to answer through the ballot box. As for the muslims … the evidence showed you helped and were involved … your silence shows you deserve no place in the UK or indeed Europe.

  2. Critisizing racist muslims…with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.

  3. Kaw…. You are an absolute ____. I am English. I am Proud. I am Nuetral.
    You spew your filth against others, without the courage to say it to your enimies, you only say it to your allies. Words from spineless little shits are what makes them angry, and makes them extreme.

  4. Sam H are the one abusing people..Why did you not just say what you meant? Why come on here to attack another poster?
    Many around the world hold the UK responsible for the spread of terrorism…Your govt allowed Hizb ut-Tahrir to flourish in the UK when it was outlawed through out the middle East..Your govt supports Somalia…etc..etc…Your spineless leaders have put the rest of the world in danger.

  5. SAmH,
    You are the person abusing people. I have confronted my enemies before and have been more than capable of looking after myself when attacked by a thug like you. YOU WANT TO MEET ME FACE TO FACE – ANY TIME IT IS YOU WHO ARE A SPINELESS LITTLE SHIT – WORMS LIKE YOU WHO REFUSE TO STAND UP TO A VIOLENT MINORITY WHO THREATEN BOTH MUSLIMS AND NON-MUSLIMS ALIKE. Actually words cannot express the utter contempt that I have for miserable cowards /scum like you. And once again – islam is not a race!!! People are free to discuss what they do not like about the behaviour of its adherents, Again, SamH, it is for the people of England to decide if the release of the 3 terrorists was politically motivated, as it seems to have been, and to then answer via the ballot box. ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE CASE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THERE WAS INVOLVEMENT FROM OTHER MEMBERS OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY – if muslims are willing to protect murderers then we should think very carefully about if we want them here. For YOUR benefit, SamH, it is the ACTIONS of members of the muslim community that are the grounds for my comments · not the fact that they are muslims. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS, YOU SIMPLE GIT. I suggest that you put out a time and a place to meet – you have annoyed me sufficiently, not because of your cowardly insult, but because you represent that which is worse in us – the lazy, stupid side that pretends all is okay and is willing to sacrifice others in order that it doesn’t have to get uncomfortable.
    I am looking forward to our meeting. Oh – and you write that you are nuetral! What you have written implies that you recognise that there is a problem but that you couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. As I said, you represent the worst of us. Be seeing you.

  6. SamH,
    what make the enemy extreme and violent is the fact that they do not control our destinies – it has NOTHING to do what I or anyone else say. I suggest you look at the history of islamic atrocities – it is not short in content but rather short in justification. Futhermore, if someone feels the need to kill 50 people because he disagrees with foreign policy then I would say that the person has a severe problem. You probably would rewrite foreign policy – and when you have given every thing away and the enemy comes again what will you do? Giving into a bully is a mistake. Sadly, people like SamH put the rest of us at risk because they do not wish to face up to the enemy – it is too risky and one might have to miss the evening beer. As I said SamH, you want to meet me – any time.

  7. I agree Kaw ..there is only one response to bullies and the sooner it happens the sooner the bully can make a full recovery. A bully is a sick individual and an ideology which bullies people is also sick.
    As others have said islam is an illness.

  8. Its funny, I talk to people like SamH nearly every single day. They try the political correct racist bullshit on me all the time. As far as they are concerned they know a couple of nice Muslims and they tell them all this extremist shit is overseas or that its not true. No amount of fact or substance, no reference to reliable sources can be quoted to them that will dissuade them from their slumber. They want to be in that slumber because the answer is just to hard to listen to – they may have to do something about it and that they would not know how.

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