Vindictive KRudd

Andrew Bolt

                        Wollt Ihr den totalen KRuddistan?


If only the Rudd Government were as busy checking the Defence Minister’s mysterious Chinese benefactor, which surely is a bigger issue than the leaker who first raised the alarm:

HUNDREDS of Defence Department security officials are being pressed to sign statutory declarations as part of a widening investigation into the Joel Fitzgibbon affair. The head of the Defence Department, Nick Warner, has authorised the push for statutory declarations in a bid to flush out anyone involved in a covert probe into the Defence Minister’s private affairs.

* Aussie Yuman Rites Org knows best, like Allah:

That’s the spirit:  Why vote when we have experts to decide?

Andrew Bolt

Catherine Branson, president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, thinks we should leave the experts to decide what the public wants:

While a referendum is one way of measuring popular support for a human rights act, I am confident that such support will be measured more quickly and cost effectively by the National Human Rights Consultation Committee.

Even quicker and more cost effective is to leave that judgement to me, Catherine. Deal?


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