Bahrain: Rape of Air Hostess Results in Job loss


* Standard procedure in the Emirates. Naivety is no excuse. Rape of infidel women update:


A BRITISH woman allegedly raped by two men within days of arriving in Bahrain claims she has since lost her job as a result.   

The 23-year-old said she spent a night locked in a room after being raped by Jordanian and Moroccan men last month.

However, she insists she was forced out of the airline’s cabin crew training programme after authorities chose not to pursue her rape allegations – even though a boss of the two accused reportedly tried to pay her off.

The woman also claims police delays meant it was over a week before she had a medical test, adding that Gulf Air had already sent two of the key witnesses – also cabin crew trainees – home after terminating their training.

She arrived here at the end of March from the UK to complete her in-flight training with Gulf Air and was due to graduate in a few weeks.

However, the woman – who asked to remain anonymous – said the national carrier’s legal department dismissed her from the training course after she accused two men of raping her after a night out.

“I went to Tabu (a Manama nightspot) one Thursday with some of the girls from my batch of trainees,” she told the GDN.

“I spent most of the night chatting with some of the Gulf Air Sky Chefs who were out with us, but when they left I said I would wait and go home with two of the other girls.

“The girls were chatting to a group of four men and one of the girls knew them quite well.

“When it was time to leave, the men asked: ‘Why don’t you come with us?’

The girls seemed to trust them, so I didn’t see there being any problem.

“In the car, one of the girls started saying she was hungry and wanted to have Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), but I just wanted to go home.The men said they would drive to KFC, but wherever we went, it didn’t have KFC.

“They then suggested that we should go to their apartment and order KFC instead. One of the girls, who was pretty drunk at this stage, agreed.

“The girls were drinking more while they were waiting for the food and dancing with the men.

“I wanted to go home and knew we weren’t even supposed to be out in the first place.”

However, she claimed that after a while one of the men pulled her into a room at the apartment, in Manama.

“It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even know how to react,” she said.

“He tried to pull up my top, but nothing else happened and then I heard KFC delivery arriving, so I was able to unlock the door and get out.

“A little later it happened again, but this time it was two of them.

“They pulled me into a room and locked the door. I was kicking and screaming, but I wasn’t strong enough to get away from them.

“Then, two of them raped me.

“When it was over, they threw me into another room, locked the door, and didn’t let me out until the next morning.

“I didn’t even have charge in my phone to call anybody.

“I went home in the morning because I didn’t really know what else to do.”

She claimed she did not report the incident on Friday because she didn’t know what to do, but then told Gulf Air’s welfare department when she returned to training on Saturday.

“I told one of my roommates what had happened and she told me to tell the Gulf Air’s welfare department.

“I went to them and then we went to the police. It was already two days after it happened.

“The police tried to find the men, but were finding it pretty hard because we couldn’t remember where the apartment was.

“The two girls (who were with her on the night of the alleged rape) weren’t being helpful at all because they were worried about their jobs.

“The police were worried it might have been a set-up and that the girls were involved in it.

“The police eventually tracked them (the alleged rapists) down after a day or two – they had to trick them to get them to the police station.

“In the Public Prosecution office, I came face-to-face with one of the men. I explained that if you lock the door, and somebody is screaming and saying no, then it is wrong and he said he was sorry about what had happened.

“They wouldn’t let me see the other man because he was crazy. He was denying everything.

“Two of them were put in prison while the police reviewed the case.

“The two other girls were put back on the Gulf Air course, but I wasn’t allowed.”

She claimed she went to the police, but was told she would have to wait for a file to be prepared before she could go to hospital for medical tests.

The woman alleged it was almost a week-and-a-half after the incident before she was finally seen by a doctor, by which time the results were inconclusive.

“I went to the hospital to get some medical tests done, but this wasn’t until over a week later because they were waiting to get a file together or something,” she said.

“The tests showed that I had an internal tear due to forceful impact.”

The woman said she was contacted by the Gulf Air’s legal team last week and told there was not enough evidence to charge either of the men and that the case would be closed.

“Their (the men’s) manager offered money to the Gulf Air people to settle the case out of court,” she claimed.

“Welfare department said no because they wanted to go along the proper procedures, but still – their friends were trying to make an agreement with us and the police know all this.”

After the news that the case had been dropped, the woman and her two colleagues were allegedly summoned by Gulf Air representatives and told they had each been booked onto a flight back to the UK that night.

The two other females left Bahrain last Thursday, but the alleged rape victim has stayed on in Bahrain and is currently looking for another job here.

“I can’t go home to my family because I can’t tell them what happened,” she said.

“It would be hard to go back now with the financial crisis going on.”

She is now living alone in a flat in Muharraq and plans to stay in Bahrain for at least a month.

When contacted by the GDN, a Gulf Air spokesman said it was not the policy of the airline to comment on individual cases – particularly after the case had been forwarded to the Public Prosecution.

He added the woman was not considered to be a full-time member of staff since she had not completed her training.

An Interior Ministry official said they could not comment without first reviewing the case.