Cairns Fishwrap: a Snake-pit of Jew-haters…


Well, its not as if they had any standards at the Cairns Post. Otherwise the header would have been “Cairns Post hits bottom, digs” – but they’re  in a deeper (immoral) hole than  KRudds  budget.

The Barkmeyer letter above, which  the Cairns Fishwrap chose to publish, is -you guessed it-  from a revert to the Religion of Peace. It just shows that those who associate and  adopt this vile ideology usually go the whole nine yards, and that includes revisionist history, spin, conspiracy theories and tons of  good old Islamic hate. Who would be surprised if Han Barkmeyer  were on his way to become Australia’s Nicky Reilly?’

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So lets see, what is he saying: “most Israeli’s are of …….. descent???”  Huh?  Last time I checked,  Arabs were of Arab descent,  Negroes of African descent, most Europeans of European descent and Chinese of Chinese descent.  Israeli’s may come in many colors, but they all share the same genetic makeup and a common bond. Barkmeyer displays an incurable racism, a disease which is worse than AIDS and the swine flu combined.

The claim that Jews are ‘not Semites’ is preposterous. The last time we heard such drivel,  6 million European Jews were gassed and otherwise disposed of in Hitlers concentration camps, exactly for being: Semites. And yet we get this venom constantly from the multiculti-proselytizing, “progressive “ left: ‘ Jews don’t  look like Middle Easterners, they look like white Europeans’- blah blah.  Cretins  (like Barkmayer)  don’t even realize the racism they are engaging in. Perhaps they should take a look at the Arabs and Berbers around the Mediterranean rim: many are fair-skinned,  blue eyed, blond  or red-haired due to the constant raids over 1000 years, when the soldiers of Allah raided European coasts for slaves and women for their harems, when the Ottoman tax-collectors stole the sons of the subjugated dhimmies to turn them into janissaries, warriors for the cause of Allah, after forcibly converting and indoctrinating them with Islam to wage jihad against their own, Christian people. (Or Jews, or whatever was fair game/ed)

Zionism is an essential part of Judaism and the fabric that holds Israel together.

That much is true. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only country that respects human rights, with a culture, a civilization  and achievements no Islamic nation can match.  All Islamic states are economic basket cases. Were it not for the huge amounts of jiziyah, tribute in the guise of “aid” from Western nations, all Islamic nations would have failed long ago. Sure, there are the obscenely rich Arabs of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, that giant petrol station in the desert where yesterdays goat-herding Beduins waltz around in impeccable white robes, washed, ironed and starched by slave labour from Indonesia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, spoiled by slaves who have the living daylights beaten out of them for the pleasure to serve them. But these desert rats live on borrowed time and the knowhow of their Western hirelings and enablers. If it wasn’t for that, we would probably not even notice their existence. The oil will come to a natural end, and so will these parasitic desert kingdoms, along with the wealth they refuse to share.

The existence of Israel, the “Right to Exist”,  is not a question. It is an insult.


Israelnot only “exists”-,  it thrives and in shines like a diamond in the desert sand. To question the existence of Israel means  to deny 3000 years of Jewish life in Jerusalem, Hebron, Judea and Samaria, places where every stone has “Israel” written all over it.  There is no nation in the world that has more of a ‘right to exist’ than the nation of Israel.

But for those who deny Israel’s birthright: why  should we not question the existence of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Saudi Arabia et al, which have  all been created around the same time Israel came into being?

What is achieved with the destruction of Israel?

Today an ever greater number of bloodthirsty  lunatics and genocidal Jew-haters are foaming at the mouths like Han Barkmayer,  and loudly call for Israel’s demise. But another genocide on the Jews will not end the global jihad. On the contrary, it will wet the appetite of the jihadists, who are determined to  make the sharia, along with the prophet’s religion, the dominant one in all the world. Very soon, we will see an Islamic revolution in Egypt, the same will happen in Algeria, Lebanon is about to fall to Hezbollah, and Iraq will be another Shiite nightmare once the Americans pull out. Islam claims world domination, Islam wants to rule the world, and no land ever conquered by the soldiers of Allah must be allowed to fall back under infidel rule.

If (G-d forbid) Israel should fall, Islam will continue demanding Spain, (Al Andaluz) Grecce, Cyprus, Sicily and parts of France. After that, it will continue. The jihad is permanent and relentless, and no believing Muslim can refuse to fight in the cause of Allah.

Israel will remain:

… In the Middle East, misguided American policies, particularly regarding Iran, may have disastrous consequences such as the fall of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey into Islamist hands. Under such a scenario, Israel would remain the only country where an American airplane could land safely in the Middle East; this is not a thought that Jerusalem relishes. (Melanie Phillips)

5 thoughts on “Cairns Fishwrap: a Snake-pit of Jew-haters…”

  1. Can someone please rewrite the name of the Journalist who wrote the article in the Cairns “fishwrap”. The first name “Hans” is clear – however the surname is unclear.

  2. Wasn’t a journo, kaw. It was in the comments section.

    Its all about bashing Jews, while printing 3 page glossy promo’s for Islam. That’s something the Cairns Fishwrap is good at. That’s what they do.

  3. It amazes me how many educated Westerners line up to villify Israel and buy into the lies of the Palestinians (who are just a fake people, invented after the 1967 War in order to claim a connection with the land.)

    Jew bashing and Israel bashing are de rigeur in elite societies.
    What these fools don’t realise is that if Israel falls to jihad, the whole of Western civilisation will follow.

    Incidentally, Medina in Saudi Arabia was over 50% Jewish when Mo decided to settle there. Whatever happened to these Jews and can modern Jews claim a right of return to Saudi or at least compensation? They at least have a legitimate claim to Saudi Arabia, which is more than the faux Palis have to parts of Israel.

  4. Cassandra,
    Our muslim friends suffer from a rather severe form of selective amnesia. They tend to forget a lot of inconvenient facts – your last paragraph highlights this.

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