EUrabia's dumbest Jew, David Miliband, apologizes to "Islamic world" for crusades…


  • There are no words…  ignorance and stupidity motivate this pandering cocksucker…

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Tool of the Islamists…..

In a strikingly self-critical speech, the Foreign Secretary admitted the invasion had damaged Britain’s standing by leaving a legacy of ‘bitterness, distrust and resentment’ across the Muslim world.

David Miliband admitted that London’s interventions from the Crusades and colonialism to the invasion of Iraq had created distrust in many countries, with the latter war causing “a sense of bitterness, distrust and resentment”.

Although he did not apologise for supporting the invasion of Iraq, he said that for centuries relations between Europe and the Islamic world had been characterised by ‘conquest, conflict, and colonialism’.

Speaking to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, he said: ‘Decisions taken many years ago in King Charles Street [the Foreign Office] are still felt on the landscape of the Middle East and South Asia.

‘Ruined crusader castles remain as poignant monuments to the religious violence of the Middle Ages. Lines drawn on maps by colonial powers were succeeded, amongst other things, by the failure -it has to be said not just ours – to establish two states in Palestine.

‘More recently, the invasion of Iraq, and its aftermath, aroused a sense of bitterness, distrust and resentment. When people hear about Britain, too often they think of these things.’

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7 thoughts on “EUrabia's dumbest Jew, David Miliband, apologizes to "Islamic world" for crusades…”

  1. ^ we never voted for him – he was given his position by Gordon Brown, another unelected wanker, that is so scared his public dislike him that he refuses flat out to call for a general election.

    Since Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, I’d seriously doubt there has been a more unpleasant and disliked Prime Minister of Great Britain. And to top it all off, Miliband is one of those self-loathing liberal Jews, he will do his all to gain the (false) respect of muslims. Pardon me, but I greatly despise filth like this, I mush prefer the nationalist Jews, who have no problem identifying the enemy, and have no problem dealing with the threat.

    Maybe i’m just old fashioned!

  2. I cannot understand why these a’holes deliver this drivel. With regard to Islam, the only thing the Crusaders did wrong was not kill more of the towel heads when they had the chance (illegal activities not included). Why is it that the other side is always right for these dickheads?

  3. The Crusades were the Christian response to centuries of Muslim aggression, violence and conquest – where is their apology for all that? Answer: Don’t wait up.

  4. “EUrabia’s dumbest Jew” (sheikyermami)

    There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.

  5. Well this tosser could end up being the next UK Prim-minister. Take a look at his personal website! Not a single mention of his Jewish background.
    He knows that if the general public knew he was Jewish with a communist background the working class labour voters would never vote for him. So he keeps this very quite. He never mentions the fact that he is Jewish on TV and not TV presenter ever questions his Jewish communist family back ground. If he does become the next leader of the labour party most of the 2 million Muslim in the UK will stop voting labour!!!

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