Four (black) Muslims arrested in plot to bomb New York synagogues

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US media reluctant to call terrorists “Muslim”

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It is a top story across many US news sites this morning:  

Four men arrested for an alleged plot to bomb a New York synagogue and Jewish community center are expected to appear in federal court Thursday, the U.S. Attorney’s office said. More>>

Four Black Muslims in New York don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the jihad terror threat is all over. “NBC: 4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets: Suspects were under heavy surveillance, authorities say,” from NBC News, May 20 (thanks to Pamela):

WASHINGTON – Four men have been arrested in a plot to attack several targets in the New York City area, including synagogues, federal and local authorities told NBC News Wednesday.

Authorities said the four men have long been under investigation and there was little danger they could actually have carried out their plan, NBC’s Pete Williams reported.

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Investigators say the four, described as Black Muslims from the Bronx, had planned to place bombs at various targets. But New York city police and federal agents got wind of the plot and kept the men under careful surveillance.

In fact, officials say, the men recently bought what they thought were explosives, which they put in storage lockers outside the city. But what the men did not know is that the material they bought was actually harmless, sold to them by informants posing as explosives dealers….

Two years ago, two Muslims pleaded guilty to plotting to attack synagogues in Los Angeles. But officials said that they knew of no connection between those arrests and this latest plot in New York.


“FBI arrest four in alleged plot to car bomb Bronx synagogue,” by Alison Gendar and Helen Kennedy for the New York Daily News, May 20 (thanks again to Pamela):

The FBI busted a homegrown terror cell late Wednesday night as the men sneaked around a Jewish temple in Riverdale planting what they thought were packages of C-4 explosives, sources told the Daily News.The four men also allegedly had what they believed was a working Stinger missile in their car: officials said they wanted to shoot down a plane near Stewart Air National Guard Base.

Sources said the four men were arrested after a year long investigation that began when an informant connected to a mosque in Newburg said some militants wanted to buy eplosives.

FBI agents posing as militants sold them what they thought were C-4 and a plane-downing Stinger missile.

The weaponry was all phony.

The men were arrested as they planted fake bombs in front of the Riverdale Temple in the Bronx and under cars parked in front of the synagogue.

They also allegedly planned to blow up a second synagogue, the Riverdale Jewish Center….

5 thoughts on “Four (black) Muslims arrested in plot to bomb New York synagogues”

  1. To the “muslim and muslima who pretends they are australian and pretends they are from the outback”,

    As you can read, presumably, four muslims with no attachment to external (to USA) terror groups decided it would be fun to murder some Jewish people and kill some US military personal in America to protest the fact that the US is standing up to the islamic jihad thugs in Afghanistan. They were caught, but the fact that they exist, and that there is no justification for their actions, and that they are “home grown” illustrates exactly why muslims are not wanted in this country. We know that muslims have formed terror groups in Australia, we know that they hold training camps out bush, and what you should know is that when this muslim “game” becomes serious, they (muslim terrorists) and their supporters will be terminated. No pity, no mercy, no self doubt, and with 100 percent commitment.

    Perhaps you can show us an equivalent phenomenon in other religions which equates to the love for violence that is expressed daily by the muslim ummah. .

  2. This story is being reporting on our TV as ”four men decide to blow up synagogues”….how pathetic , no mention of islam, the holier than thou religion.

  3. On local news here three were noted as being local muslims – the fourth is also muslim but its origin has not been explicitly stated. They also planned to attack military aircraft, presumably on landing approach, at a military base 60 in vicinity of NYC.

  4. Of course the media would leave out the fact that they were “Muslim” for the sake of “Political Correctness”.

  5. The media, in New York anyway, (and there were plenty of them camped out around my building Thursday and Friday. The last left Saturday.) did report them prominately as Muslim and stated that one has Afghanistan lineage, but the other three who were stated to have converted in Jail, do not seem to have any ethnic background at all.

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