"Islamic Human Rights Commission exposes the Islamophobic agenda of da Jooozzz…"

From the Bunglawussi blog:

An “Islamic Yuman Rites Commission”- good grief, how absurd does it get?

These wankers have clearly rejected all human rights and subjected themselves to the Sharia’a, the law of Islam, which subjugates unbelievers to dhimmi-status and women to chattel. Just take your time and read the “Cairo Declaration of Human Rights” , then   compare that with the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and you will quickly realize that “Islamic Yuman Rites” is a perversion of everything, an insane concept cooked up by psychopaths, deviants, child rapists and genocidal maniacs. This fake ‘Yuman Rites’ organization also claims that “Islam is a Religion not an Ideology”- well, Fibbi Hooper, the ridiculous spokesman for CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case and a Muslim Brotherhood front group,  has completely different ideas and calls  Islam an ideology, not  a race. He must be another misunderstander of Islam then…

Check it out, its crazy stuff in a pseudo-scientific package: 

“IHRC exposes CST evil Zionists” (again!)

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has just published a well-researched briefing, “Concerns regarding demonisation of Islam and Muslims by Community Security Trust publications“, which exposes the Islamophobic agenda of the CST, an organisation that claims to be merely a defence organisation for the Jewish community (an entirely admirable role in itself) but also pursues a hardline right-wing Zionist agenda that leads it to adopt a hostile attitude towards Muslims, and politicised Muslims in particular.

  • Gee, can’t have that now, can we? What’s the world coming to?

Revisiting Louise Arbour: Leftist Lawyer, Liberal Lackey, Appeaser of Iran,  one who never understood what’s at stake here:

*  Do you realize that this dumb twat was unable to tell the difference between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the pathetic Muhammedan Cairo Declaration of Human Rights which means no human rights at all  for the subjugated dhimmies, but  eeking out a living under shariah, all the while trembling with fear, paying the jiziya with willing submissing while feeling humilated and subdued?’

Bostom: Stop ignoring Islam’s antisemitic doctrine: Bronx bomb plot reminds us of a core religious problem

In “Stop ignoring Islam’s antisemitic doctrine: Bronx bomb plot reminds us of a core religious problem” in the New York Daily News, May 27, Andrew Bostom tells some truths about the Bronx synagogue bomb plot that have been largely ignored in the mainstream media