Jihad Watch Deutschland: "Guilty Because Obama Holds the Same Views"

Update: District court of Gelsenkirchen stays “Jihad Watch Deutschland” lawsuit

* The Law is an Ass: “Guilty because of Obama!”

Just in from Fred Alan Medforth

The district court of Gelsenkirchen. stays the “Jihad Watch Deutschland” lawsuit because of so-called low guilt. The fact that JWD-operator Fred Alan Medforth must pay, nevertheless, 300 € is because of Mr Barak Obama. Such lawsuits are ordinarily stayed without payment.

But the judge stated that the political views of the German pro-Hamas and pro-Hizbollah politician and MP, Niels Annen (Social Democratic Party), are not so bad because Obama represents the same politics.

 Therefore, the criticism of Annens politics was interpreted by the judge as insults towards this guy. Thank you, Obama !