Koran Rage in Greece: Deutsche Welle shills for the Muzz..

Greeks Tiring of the Rampaging Islamic Mob: Firebomb Makeshift Mosque in Retaliation for two Days of Rioting Over Alleged Koran Desecration….

If over a 1,000 Muslims turned your hometown in a war zone, torching 70 cars, looting stores, driving away tourists by the droves (tourism being people’s livelihood in Athens) how would you react?

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At least three people were hospitalized in Athens on Saturday morning after a firebomb attack on a shop used as a Muslim prayer center for immigrants  the invading soldiers of Allah.

Police said unknown assailants smashed the shop’s windows and poured gasoline inside before igniting it.

The attack came a day after clashes between more than 1,000 Muslim protesters and Greek police in central Athens, after the police allegedly desecrated a copy of the Koran.

  • The usual suspects. Who guessed it?

The march was organized by leftist, immigrant and anti-racism groups. Violence broke out after the rally when a group of protesters began throwing projectiles at police.

Immigrant groups allege that an Athens police officer tore apart and stepped on the Koran of a coffee shop customer during a police check in central Athens on Thursday. Police said they have launched an investigation into the incident

Some 46 protesters were arrested Friday during the clashes, while seven Muslim immigrants and seven policemen were hospitalized for treatment. More than 70 cars and around a dozen businesses were damaged in the clashes, which sent tourists running for cover in nearby hotels.

A day earlier an even larger crowd of around 1,500 Muslim immigrants rallied before the march degenerated into violence. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Muslim hardships

Many Muslims in Athens use abandoned factories and converted coffee shops as makeshift prayer houses. Some Muslim groups have complained of police brutality and poor treatment by officials in the past.

  • Too bad. Why doesn’t Deutsche Welle hand over their offices and living quarters to the Muslim mob then? WTF are these people on about? Do these illegal, fake asylum seekers who invaded Greece to spread Islam ‘deserve’ anything at all?

Athens is the only European capital which does not have a proper mosque or cemetery to serve its Muslim population. There are more than 300,000 Muslims living in Athens, mainly from various parts of northern Africa and Pakistan.

  • So giving them a mosque will fix it and they will love us in return? Too easy!

At present, the only operating mosques in Greece are in the north-eastern region of Thrace, home to some 100,000 Muslims.

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  1. At least three people were hospitalized in Athens on Saturday morning after a firebomb attack on a shop used as a Muslim prayer center for immigrants the invading soldiers of Allah.

    So , the Muslims riot and locals react – the Muslims riot as a reaction and the locals react – the Imams stir things up further and things get polarised .
    Then we all have our Israel / Palesine situation on our European doorsteps

  2. A familiar pattern – the muslims initiate violence to protest perceived infringment of local laws on their “rights” and then increase the level of violence, using the actions of the local community as justification. This has happened in the UK, in France, in Germany and now the islamists are starting their rubbish in another European capital, Athens. These people only understand one response and it is high time this response was brought into action.

  3. Islam can ONLY exist as a Disruptive minority or an oppressive Majority.

    To propose otherwise is akin to believing that there is such a thing as man made Global Warming and that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

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