Loons & Coons: Hate-fest of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Students Union at University of California in Irvine

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Another anti-Israel extravaganza featuring hate speech and conspiracy theories from the likes of the notorious  bat-shit crazy Cynthia McKinney and the completely insane Abdel Malik Ali: Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a UCI Muslim Student Union Fave, an Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Coward.

A representative of this hate group has posted dozens of videos of the event at Youtube. What’s going on at UC Irvine is almost beyond belief.

Let’s cut into McKinney’s speech, just as she really gets going into her “Jews control Washington” rant:

Charismatic, radical Black Muslim bigot hitches Nazi Mufti’s playbook onto Obama’s coat-tails

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Imam Abdul Malik Ali speaks to Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Students Union at University of California in Irvine

 Demagogic hate-monger inculcates Muslims with bigotry (calling Jews ‘Satanic’); then slams Jews for requiring Israel sanctuary from hateful Muslim world. Imam Abdul Malik Ali of Oakland’s anti-Semitic, Black Muslim “Vanguard of Islam” mosque takes a page from Hitler’s Jerusalem Mufti’s Muslim anti-Semitism toward attaining power. Mission of replacing democracies with caliphate resonates with (alleged) Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim Students Union at University of California in Irvine.

Denounce Muslim group, UC Irvine chancellor urged

NEW YORK (JTA) – Nearly 2,700 people have signed an online petition encouraging a California university chancellor to publicly condemn an annual Muslim student event.

The document urges University of California, Irvine’s Michael Drake to denounce the Muslim Student Union’s “Israel: The Politics of Genocide” event, which began May 5 and runs through May 21.

“As an American, you have the right to speak out and explicitly denounce anti-Semitism, especially when it occurs on your campus,” the petition reads. “As an educational leader, you have the moral obligation to speak out.”

The petition also calls on Drake to condemn the Muslim group as a whole, alleging that it consistently violates a campus pledge to create “a learning climate free from expressions of bigotry.”

The Irvine campus has been a hotbed of pro-Palestinian activism, and Drake himself has drawn fire in the past from some Jewish groups who have urged him to publicly denounce activity that is said to cross the line into anti-Semitism. Drake thus far has declined to denounce specific activities, speaking out only against hate speech in general.