California Islamic spokesman Kamal Al-Khatib demands infidels learn about Islam, "before it's going to create more violence…"

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Islamic Leader in California Town Who’s Mayor Made “Growing Christian Community” Remark Issues Not-So-Veiled Threat of Violence…

An update from the “Christian Community” controversy earlier this month:

The “interfaith” and “dialogue” befuddlement is incurable: the much maligned Christians are bending over backwards to no avail:

“A true Christian community is one that will welcome anyone of faith.”

Kamal Al-Khatib, chairman of the American Islamic Institute of the Antelope Valley, said Marquez must back off her comments before a population of Muslims becomes enraged.

(Needless to mention that Kamal Al-Khatib is your good old Muslim Brotherhood infil-traitor who engages in subversion, sedition and Islamization of America/ed)

“She is continuing doing what she is doing and that’s not going to help anybody,” Al-Khatib said.

“We’re asking them to learn about Islam. It’s the largest growing religion in the world. Why do you think that’s happening, because it’s a religion of violence?” Al-Khatib asked. (“not going to help anybody,” means not helping Muslims to make America Islamic/ed)

Al-Khatib said the window for discussion is closing quickly and the sides are becoming increasingly divided.

“We want an open dialogue,” he said. “What unites the community? What brings us together? I am looking to heal the community. It can be done by those people showing leadership.

“They’re showing hatred and discrimination. If we keep continuing like this, it’s going to create more violence.”

What do you call a man who is "not interested in victory?"




‘I’m Not Interested In Victory. I’m Interested In Resolving The Problem.’…

Then victory you shall most assuredly not have.

Of course, Obama considers himself to be an enlightened sophisticate who has moved beyond the primitive warlike tendencies of bygone cultures and civilizations. He is a twenty-first century man, and he is confident that underneath it all, Khamenei is too, and isn’t any more interested in victory than Barack Obama is.

Rude awakening to come.

A leader never says he isn’t interested in victory. This Marxist Muslim POTUS is the biggest disgrace to the nation, ever! ZIP has videos


Buyers remorse: 80 %  American’s disagree with the Obamessiah/Poll

More Obama fraud: the long-held suspicion in American right-wing circles that Barack Obama was not the sole author – not even the lead author – of his brilliantly received 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, has been rekindled by the publication of a new book about the Obamas,Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.

Schoolhouse Shariah

Creepy: Silent Transformation of America Starts with Sharia in the Classroom!

Multiculturalism: California’s educrats have put out new rules for teaching Islamic studies to seventh-graders in public schools, and they are as biased as ever. They’ll also likely spread eastward. The lesson guidelines adopted by the bellwether state whitewash the violence and oppression of women codified in Islamic law, or Shariah. And they’re loaded with revisionist history about the faith.

For example, the suggested framework glorifies Shariah as a liberal reform movement that “rejected” the mistreatment of women that existed in Arabia before Muhammad and his successors conquered the region, according to Accuracy in Academia. The guidelines claim that Islamic law established for the first time that men and women were entitled to equal “respect.”

Not so, says Islamic scholar and author Nonie Darwish, who grew up Muslim in Egypt.

“I am shocked that that is what they teach,” she said. “Women had more rights in Arabia before Shariah.” In fact, “wife beating is allowed under Shariah” today, she added. “It allows a woman seen without a headdress to be flogged, punishes rape victims, and calls for beheading for adultery.”

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Resettle Pali Arabs in Sowdi Arabia!

Ayn Rand: 

Government “help” to business is just as disastrous as government persecution… the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off. 

Michelle Malkin: Let’s mourn the real American heroes!


Look who’s coming to America:

The US State Department has confirmed that as many as 1,350 ‘Palestinians,’ who were formerly the pampered subjects of Saddam Hussein, are going to be ‘re-settled’ in the United States, mostly in southern California, starting this fall.

Obama’s Agenda  in America:


Besides the specific problem of welcoming to our shores people who danced in the streets at the destruction of the Twin Towers, there’s the more general issue of resettling as refugees people who have somewhere else to go. There are 21 members of the Arab League, other than Iraq, that could take these Palestinians, and if they don’t want to (and they don’t) then we should apply pressure to our “friends” in the Arab world to make them do so. More>>

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Loons & Coons: Hate-fest of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Students Union at University of California in Irvine

Via LGF:

Another anti-Israel extravaganza featuring hate speech and conspiracy theories from the likes of the notorious  bat-shit crazy Cynthia McKinney and the completely insane Abdel Malik Ali: Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a UCI Muslim Student Union Fave, an Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Coward.

A representative of this hate group has posted dozens of videos of the event at Youtube. What’s going on at UC Irvine is almost beyond belief.

Let’s cut into McKinney’s speech, just as she really gets going into her “Jews control Washington” rant:


Charismatic, radical Black Muslim bigot hitches Nazi Mufti’s playbook onto Obama’s coat-tails

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Real bad crazyness in California

pakistan-south-waziristan-taliban-fighters                                 The right medicine for ya!

Vaccination rejection: inspired by the Taliban?

A rising number of California parents are choosing to send their children to kindergarten without routine vaccinations, putting hundreds of elementary schools in the state at risk for outbreaks of childhood diseases eradicated in the U.S. years ago.

Los Angeles Times

There is absolutely no evidence that measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) causes autism, and parents who buy into this madness are endangering not only their own children, but everyone else’s kids as well. This is a very scary phenomenon.

X-files actress Amanda Peet disagrees: “ignore the stars…”

“Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.”

Allah knows best:

Looks like the Hollyweird  crowd follows Taliban wisdom:

“It’s a US tool to cut the population of the Muslims. It is against Islam that you take a medicine before the disease”, said, Muslim Khan, Swat’s Taliban spokesman, speaking by telephone.

More from the Telegraph, UK

The Taliban Bailout: Pentagon Seeks 3B in Aid for Pakistan

Spitting on the Copts of Egypt in sunny California

*  A dirty little Muhammedan agit-prop by name of Ismail Imadudeen vilifies Copts and denies there is religious discriminination in Egypt, all the while praising the jiziyah and accusing the victims of the vilest Muslim behavior of ‘hatred and retribution’- your ilk is really beneath contempt, Ismail!


“Moderate” Muslim defends jizya and apologizes for the Hamayouni decree, which curtails the building of churches

And, while he’s at it, incredulously asks: “Is There Religious Discrimination in Egypt? [2],” by Ismail Imadudeen for the California Chronicle, August 12: (thanks to Raymond from DW)

The Hamayouni Decree and Tax Payment [Al-Jizyath] 

‘Copts want the antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni decree be abolished. It is inconceivable to require that the president of Egypt must approve permits to build a church or even to repair a toilet in a church. Mosques in Egypt are being built with no restrictions.’ US Copts Association.

This quotation represents one of the most striking and controversial demands for the Copts in Egypt, which requires the ratification or even the abolition of the ´defamed´ Hamayouni decree. So what is the Hamayouni decree? Is it an Islamic, Quranic invention, or is it just a creation of man, who could be some times wise and some other times insane?

First of all I would like to explain that law to the ordinary, neutral reader; the Hamayouni decree regulates the building of the non-Muslims religious facilities, which was first passed in February, 1856 by the then Ottoman Emperor, and, surprisingly, it was passed to give more rights to the minorities within the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The law was used for the first time in Egypt, after ´Egyptianizing´ it, in February, 1934, and there were ten, controversial conditions for granting permission to build Christian worship facilities. In fact, the Egyptian version of the law has been a pale version that was highly misunderstood, and some times misinterpreted.

Just another aspect of the perpetually “misunderstood” and “misinterpreted” religion of Islam.

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