Our 'friends', the Indonesians, hold Aussie tourists as payback…

*  Another kind of jihad, because the world belongs to Allah and his profit. Or is it because the KRudd government is too involved in spin about ‘Global warming’ and ‘carbon trading’- (what could be more important than that?) that they do whatever they can to deflect attention away from the global jihad?

INDONESIAN prosecutors are pushing for tough jail terms to be enforced against five middle-aged Queenslanders held in West Papua in retribution for Australia’s hardline treatment of Indonesian fishermen.

The hidden agenda behind the drawn-out proceedings against the so-called Merauke Five, who have been stuck in Indonesia for eight months, has been revealed in court documents obtained by The Age.

The court documents highlight how the case has moved beyond a simple immigration matter to the realm of diplomatic relations.

  • Nice ‘friends’, eh? Lets sent them another couple of billions, perhaps then they will like us, no?

On September 12 last year, the five Australians, aged between 50 and 60, took off in a light plane from Horn Island in the Torres Strait on a one-hour flight to Merauke in West Papua, where a sporadic separatist insurgency has led to tight military control.

The five – pilot William Scott-Bloxam, his wife Vera, and passengers Keith Mortimer, Hubert Hofer and Karen Burke – say they only wanted to visit for a long weekend to investigate tourism opportunities.

But Mr Scott-Bloxam did not obtain visas or flight clearances from Indonesian authorities, and they were arrested after landing and charged with immigration offences. Since then they have been in a legal limbo, with no prospect of leaving Merauke any time soon.

A recording of the exchange between the plane and Indonesian air traffic controllers, obtained by The Age, reveals that the Australians were told before landing they were likely to be detained for a few hours and fined, with no mention of possible harsher penalties.

Just moments before being told he was clear to land, Mr Scott-Bloxam offered to return home “if there is going to be a problem”.

Their subsequent punishment – initially sentenced to two-to-three-year jail terms, then freed on appeal, only to be pursued again by Indonesian prosecutors – has been at odds with what appeared to be a relatively innocent infringement. The latest submission by prosecutors to Indonesia’s Supreme Court sheds light on why. Continued…

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  1. It’s all part of a long story unfortunately. If they’d landed anywhere else in Indonesia things would probably have gone differently, but West Papua is forbidden ground. West Papua has the world’s largest gold & copper mine as well as massive natural gas reserves and part of the 2nd largest rainforest on earth – which is being cleared for its timber and replacement with Palm Oil plantations.

    Because Papua has such rich natural resources, Indonesia thought it was only fair that they took them from the Papuans; so in 1969 they staged a fake vote where about 1,000 Papuans were forced at gunpoint to vote on behalf of their people for Papua to become part of Indonesia. The result was unanimous, but despite the fact that we knew all of the details, for political and financial reasons Australia and the US supported Indonesia and still do.

    Indonesia has since then killed about 100,000 West Papuans, either by flying overhead and machine gun strafing villages, forcing villagers to lie on their backs while the troops march over their stomachs and kill them slowly from internal injuries, cutting babies from pregnant women with bayonets and killing them in front of the mothers, locking women in tanks waist deep with human sh*t and keeping them alive for months or just driving off the road to run down some Papuans for fun. It’s all documented, the UN is aware and those people have been crying out for justice for so long. But as with East Timor, Australia has maintained for all these years a policy of international silence. Our diplomats talk to theirs apparently, but never once has an Indonesian soldier or Police officer been punished for murder, rape, torture or maiming of a Papuan. And to this day the media are banned from Papua as are human rights monitors.

    These poor Australians went to Papua because they had been kept ignorant of just what a corrupt mess they were stepping into. Despite universal advice from experts on the subject, Australia will not speak up, or at least grow a conscience and pull out of some trade deals in protest; what are Papuan lives worth when BHP is making such a killing?

    Mr Rudd has inherited a very corrupt relationship established by both sides of government over the past decades. Howard was possibly the lowest point, actually trying to write new laws specifically to keep Papuan refugees out of Australia so that he could bend over that bit further for Indonesia. One refugee springs to my mind – for organising a peaceful flag raising in protest he was imprisoned for 10 years in a cell with a metal floor covered with water so that he could be electrocuted any time a guard had a whim. At the end of the 10 years he publicly forgave his torturers and escaped to Australia. These are the people Howard tried so hard to send back.

    One thing I should make clear. When I say “Indonesia” I’m talking about the government and, more than anything, the military. While Indonesian people have their prejudices just as we do, many are actually speaking up in defence of West Papuans.

    Yes, Rudd needs very much to make a public stink and you should write him a letter asking him why he hasn’t. But understand that he’s working with a relationship established by his predecessors, and that for him to speak up will hit our economy hard. Do we have the spine or do we care more about our wallets than about Papuan lives?

  2. No way will K Rudd make a fuss.

    He’s got more important things to focus on – principally climate change and the growing deficit.

  3. What do we do to our “friends” the Indonesians?

    Why, we continue the bi-partisan fawning & dhimmitude, and send
    six young Australian muslim leaders to Indo to explore islam….

    Australian muslim leaders explore Islam in Indonesia

    Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Some young Australian Muslim leaders
    have participated in a bilateral exchange program in Indonesia aimed
    at strengthening links and understanding of Islam in both countries,
    an Australian Embassy media release said on Friday.

    Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Bill Farmer said this delegation
    reflected the broad cultural diversity of Australia`s Muslim
    community, comprising three male and two female participants from
    Melbourne, Sydney and Perth with ethnic backgrounds from Egypt,
    Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and South Africa.



  4. Write to Rudd and let him know that the welfare of these people is important to you. The thing with a democracy is that if its leaders don’t do what the people want, they theoretically get voted out. At the moment, what might be right could be important to them, but they will do what they think Australia wants and unless you let them know differently, they’ll think that you’re more interested in the economy becoming stronger. Howard got it nice and strong with the mining boom at the expense of the Papuans and others, Rudd probably still suspects that you think the same way. Write to him and tell him differently.

  5. I agree with Phil – pressure must be placed on the politicians to resolve the situation satisfactorily and bring these people home. As Phil implies, the situation is rather complex and it is likely that the Indonesian government does not know exactly what is happening. What we are seeing may be an independent and local political power play. Write to Rudd expressing your concerns.

  6. Right behind you Papua Mee. Keep standing strong and don’t let them beat you down. Let people like Jacob Rumbiak be your inspiration – love your enemies so that the world can see how wrong their actions are and what a beautiful people you are. Papua Merdeka!

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