Saudi Legal Expert Basem Alem: We Have the Right to Wage Offensive Jihad to Impose Our Way of Life

  • And we have the right to carpet bomb Mecca… and Medina…
  • Misunderstanders of Islam all around us. Any chance that our resident trolls take it up with these misguided creatures and straighten them out?



Following are excerpts from an interview with Basem Abdallah Alem, a Saudi legal expert, which aired on Iqra TV on March 26, 2009:

Video here

Basem Abdallah Alem: If former U.S. President George Bush thinks that by virtue of the cultural supremacy in which he believes, he has the right to invade your home or mine, in order to impose a certain way of life upon us, then as a member of the true religion, I have a greater right to invade [others] in order to impose a certain way of life, which history has proven to be the best and most just of all civilizations. This is the true meaning of offensive Jihad. When we wage Jihad, it is not in order to convert people to Islam, but in order to liberate them from the dark slavery in which they live. We force them to conform to a general order authorized by Allah. You can remain a Christian, a Zoroastrian, or whatever you like.

Interviewer: How can you do this, when you are so weak?

Basem Abdallah Alem: We have abandoned Jihad…

Interviewer: That’s another matter. Are you calling for Jihad?

Basem Abdallah Alem: It’s not that I’m calling for Jihad. Jihad is in itself the key to the solution.

[which means he does…]

There is no such thing as Western justice – the justice of the culture that has political hegemony over the world. This justice applies only to the racist Christian white man, and does not apply to people of other races or religions.

3 thoughts on “Saudi Legal Expert Basem Alem: We Have the Right to Wage Offensive Jihad to Impose Our Way of Life”

  1. His definition of ‘liberation’ is that used by thieves when they ‘liberate’ a chicken or a necklace.

    In the Orwellian newspeak of Islam, freedom is slavery and jihad conquest, mass-murders, gang rapes and mass enslavement and vicious subjugation, is ‘liberation’.

    An infidel girl is ‘liberated’ when her husband is killed or castrated and she and her daughters gang-raped by a howling mob of Muslims and then imprisoned within the harems, to be treated like things. Yeah. Liberation. Mohammed ‘liberated’ the Jews of Khaybar. Mohammed ‘liberated’ Safiyyah by murdering her husband and then raping her and stuffing her into his harem.

    Islam is one of the most thoroughly and consistently psychopathic/ sociopathic human belief-systems I have ever come across. I think it exceeds the wickedness of the Aztecs or the ancient Assyrians; it’s right up there with the madness and sadism of Pol Pot.

  2. Isn’t it nice to be able to write your own history. You can claim accomplishment and success, without even having to sweat, as Basem so ably demonstrates.

  3. whatever happened to the Saudi Jews who thrived in Medina before the advent of Mohammed?

    Were they by any chance liberated by jihad?

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