Sleeping With the Enemy: Dutch Ambassador Defends Islam at an Indonesian Madrassa

* “Going native” is a rather common phenomenon with diplomats who somehow miss the  essential part of their mission, which is to represent their country in foreign lands. Instead, we have seen on many occasions that Ambassadors to Arab/Muslim countries often start to behave  and talk like Arabs and often represent Muslim interests against those of their own country. Looks like this Dutchman has “gone native”- question is, will he be decommissioned or not?

Gates of Vienna/ by Baron Bodissey

Official Dutch appeasement of Islam now extends all the way to Indonesia, with the Dutch ambassador acting as an Outreach Extension Agent.

We just received the following press release from Geert Wilders’ office:

Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia should resign


The Dutch ambassador to Indonesia, Nikolaos Van Dam, gave aspeech (pdf, in English) defending Islam at a Koran school in Jakarta last week.

* Flashback: who killed Pim Fortuyn?/ Fortuyn killed ‘to protect Muslims’

Freedom Party chairman Geert Wilders: “While speaking to an audience at the Institute for Quranic Studies in Jakarta, Mr Van Dam acted as an advocate of Islam, rather than a representative of the Netherlands.

“In doing this, he has lost all credibility. Instead of trying to defend Islam Mr Van Dam should be defending the universal human rights and be committed to improve the situation of the Christian minority in Indonesia.”

Freedom Party MPs Geert Wilders and Barry Madlener demanded the resignation of Mr Van Dam in written questions to the Dutch Secretary of State.

* Indonesia is not an Arab country but the most populous Muslim country in the world


Going Native

by Baron Bodissey


I wrote yesterday about the Dutch ambassador to Indonesia and his vigorous defense of Islam rather than his own country during an appearance at an local madrassa.

Today our Flemish correspondent VH sends some additional information about Koos van Dam and his stance towards Islam, Geert Wilders, and the PVV. It seems that the ambassador “went native” a long time ago:

The Dutch ambassador has been anti-Israel for ages, and also had contact with the PLO in the early seventies while it was forbidden by the government.

In the Indonesian press he defends Islam and “dialogue”, instead of freedom of speech. He ridicules Wilders as representing only a minor party, and as someone who finds hardly any support for his “polarizing” views. According to him, Wilders made the film to gain “domestic political support” (“untuk meraih dukungan politik dalam negeri”).

Moreover, he even supported the ban on Fitna and the persona non grata issue:


April 7, 2008

Speech by the Netherlands’ Ambassador (Nikolaos [Koos] van Dam) at a dialogue with Islamic Parties and Organisations at the Muhammadiyah on the film Fitna

Dear Professor Din Syamsuddin, Dear Dr. Hedayat Nur Wahid, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen,


“As I already said, we [governments of Indonesia and the Netherlands] have the same opinion about this movie and the way we should respect each other. We both sharply reject this movie. In this regards, I would also like to thank His Excellency the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his statement on this movie and his appeal to all Indonesians to abide by the law and react within the confines of the law.” [emphasis added]

The statement he refers to:

April 1, 2008
“Indonesia has banned a controversial film made by a Dutch MP which accuses Islam of inspiring violence.” […] “President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch right-wing Freedom Party (PVV), would be barred from the archipelago.” [emphasis added]

Just to give you an idea: the ambassador once called the desire of the Arabs to chase all Jews into the sea as “an authentic effort” [InterviewVolkskrant, 14 August 1998]

Mon Dieu.