Taliban leader orders followers to kill soldiers women and children…

* Again, we hear no protests from the ‘Islamic world’- that same Muslim ummah that constantly whines about “civilians, wedding parties, innocent women & children” being killed by those evil American soldiers is mute, blind and deaf when it comes to Taliban atrocities. Why could that be?

taliban_supporters_1368931c                                    No “Moderates” here…

Coordinated attacks in Peshawar; Taliban leader instructs followers to target soldiers’ homes and children

The Taliban launches another attack on Peshawar, even as they ask to return to the truce they failed to observe in the first place, so they can regroup and fail to observe it some more. “Bombs, gun battle, rock Pakistan’s Peshawar,” by Alamgir Bitani for Reuters, via JW

US Kills 35 Taliban Fighters in Combined Air and Ground Attack, Six Talibs Detonate Suicide Vests…Killing Nobody but Themselves…ZIP

Beslan every day: Taliban blows up (yet another) girls’ school

They did warn that, If we now kill schoolgirls, you shouldn’t be surprised.” “Taliban blow up girls’ school in Hangu,” from the Daily Times, JW

Pakistan: Jihadists attack historic church, burn Bibles, destroy altar and cross — police reluctant to investigate

“They are not investigating it as they would if the attack had been on a mosque.”

“Suspected Al Qaeda, Taliban Militants Destroy Pakistan Church, Christians Say,” from Worthy News, May 26 (thanks toWeasel Zippers and JW)

Paki government vows to wipe out Taliban from Swat in the next 2-3 days

  • I’m not holding my breath:

“In Swat valley’s capital, Mingora, the business and administrative hub of the district, the military said troops carried out house-to-house searches, while clashes in the area left eight insurgents dead.” Now the Taliban’s “concern” for the people of Mingora makes sense.

“Swat capital to be clear of Taliban in days: Pak,” by Lehaz Ali for AFP

Moorthy S. Muthuswamy:

 The United States fails to understand Pakistan – whose army, not incidentally, sports the motto “Faith, piety, and holy war in the path of Allah” – for what it is: a member state of what the author calls “the axis of jihad,” which also includes Saudi Arabia and Iran. These three nations – with their arm’s-length proxy armies of the Taliban, al Qaeda and Hezbollah – are the most aggressive purveyors of what the book describes as “political Islam,” the jihadist creed based on Islamic doctrine that is destabilizing the world, from India’s Kashmir region to Britain’s old mill towns, from all of Israel to Parisian banlieues. More>>

U.S.: Afghan Taliban may receive as much money from foreign donors as it does from opium sales

“Senior U.S. officials said the Taliban received significant donations from Pakistan — where sympathy for the group is widespread in the country’s Pashtun community — and Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.”

Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert. And with respect to the involvement of Gulf nations, this story again demonstrates the urgency of achieving as much energy independence as possible, as quickly as possible. “Taliban’s Foreign Support Vexes U.S.,” by Yochi J. Dreazen for the Wall Street Journal, May 29 via JW

“The simple ultimatum — ‘stop hurting people or face death’ — is the only way you can talk to freaks that hate you and want you dead”

Some interesting Fox News opinions on the Taliban and truces: “Truces Mean Nothing to Nuts,” by Greg Gutfeld for Fox News, May 28, JW:

On Tuesday, the Pakistani Taliban decided that it wants a peace deal — kind of like the one they had originally before they ramped up killing and maiming people in awful ways (which to them, is basic yard work.) And then, quickly and appropriately, they got their hairy asses handed to them on a goat. 

No wonder they’re up for a truce!

And here we find another lesson on how the world really works: Truces mean nothing to people consumed by fanatic ideology. And a resident fool, I’m willing to suggest it’s the very unwillingness to compromise that makes them fanatics! And vice versa.

The Taliban, for example, want their Sharia law — along with their unmanageable beards, their institutionalized abuse of women and gays, their barbaric notions of justice — and nothing is ever going to shake this twisted worldview from their lice-infested heads.

Well, there is one way: death.

The latest round of fighting eliminated roughly 1,100 Taliban from our pleasant, noisy orb — a development that transcends all language barriers and religious differences. The simple ultimatum — “stop hurting people or face death” — is the only way you can talk to freaks that hate you and want you dead.

In this strange new world, it helps to be reminded of this: While the symbolism of an “unclenched fist” soars in speeches, it makes little impact when you want to hit someone.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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  1. Muslims have always been controlled by murdrers and criminals. They are submissive to the most violent of zealots, in fact the crazier the zealot the more revered they are.


  3. muslim are very nice they are the friends cooperative goodness and evil go side by side.we cant blame only muslims

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