Taliban: Pakistani government "enemies of Muslims" – "Either we’ll be martyred or we’ll march forward"

  • Koran 9.111: Allah has bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.

200954125832518734_5About the Zardari government Muslim Khan said: “They’re worse enemies of Muslims than the Americans. They’re US stooges.”

But surely the Moderate Taliban will soon appear and sit down to talk with Barack Obama.

*     “No one can say whether the Pakistan government will survive. These are very serious, troubled times for Pakistan.”

“Taliban vow to fight till death,” from the Daily Times, May 4 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

ISLAMABAD: Calling the Pakistani government and army “enemies of Muslims”, the Swat Taliban vowed on Monday to march forward till death. “Either we’ll be martyred or we’ll march forward,” Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan told Reuters by telephone. He said elements in the military and the government were trying to sabotage the peace process to please the United States. “This is not our army, this is not our government,” he said. They’re worse enemies of Muslims than the Americans. They’re US stooges.” “We will give a fitting reply to security forces if Sufi Muhammad decides to revoke the deal with the government,” he said while talking to AFP.

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  • Update from JW:


Taliban: Swat deal is over

For the record, that’s the “deal” Western leaders supported as a model for the way ahead. A little more than two months later, turned out it was merely a delay-tactic by the Taliban who, far from being content with sharia rule in a specific location, are, true to jihadi imperatives, more interested in expansion, in the words of the Koran, “till Allah’s word is supreme” (8:39). So much for Obama’s call to reach out to “moderate” Taliban.

“Swat deal is over: Muslim Khan,” from The News, May 4:

ISLAMABAD: The Swat peace pact stands dissolved and the militants present in Swat, Matta, Kabal and Sangla as well as their commanders have asked for permission to fight everywhere, sources told The News on Sunday. 

“Our peace agreement with the NWFP government practically stands dissolved,” confirmed Muslim Khan, a spokesman for the Swat chapter of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), while talking to The News via telephone. ìForces are attacking us and our fighters are also retaliating,î he said.

The TTP Swat spokesman vowed that their fighters would now attack security forces and the government figures everywhere. He said the rulers were obeying every directive of US President Barack Obama…

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  1. Good – it is now open warfare. We have nothing hindering us now in the termination of these muslim scum. The PC fuckwits can now bugger off and let the people who have to do the tough work, and make the hard decisions, do theri jobs.

  2. Taliban is nothing more than ignorant idiots claiming to be Muslims.
    Their Leader is a coward who hides while the other idiots get killed. To be killing innocent people the way they do, they either do not know how to read or are reading the wrong Quran.

  3. What is the correct way to kill innocent people, angel? How does the
    “right” quran differ from the “wrong” quran in that regard? What is
    the best method of killing an infidel like me, or casting terror into my
    heart? (sura 8:12)

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