UK: Failed Asylum Seeker Helps to Land Plane With Laser

UK: Muslim jailed for shining laser at landing plane

 * Nothing to do with Islam, sure not. Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that.

He did it because of the dope, doncha know. He was high, that’s all, and just having some fun by trying to bring down an airplane. What’s the big deal? I mean, who ever heard of a Muslim trying to crash an airplane as part of his jihad?

* On the other hand: “failed asylum seeker?”  Why is he still there ? 

“Man jailed for shining laser at landing plane,” from the Belfast Telegraph, May 28 (thanks to JW)

* Most ridiculous BS headline from AP: “Abbas pushing pan-Arab peace with IsraelSteven Hurst, get your head out of your ass..!

Abbas to meet with Obama today, demands that Netanyahu accept Palestinian state

Not that he has ever accepted the principle of a Jewish state. In any case, I expect that the contrast between this meeting and Obama’s chilly meeting with Netanyahu will be marked, and we will see considerably more warmth and enthusiasm — and considerably less talk of responsibilities and obligations — from the sainted new American President.

“Mideast: Abbas To Meet With Obama Today, Wants Assurances,” from ANSAmed, 

2 thoughts on “UK: Failed Asylum Seeker Helps to Land Plane With Laser”

  1. The perp, who “had a very difficult upbringing”, got 6 months for
    drug dealing, and 4 months for endangering an aircraft with 52
    people on board. I gather Judge Eleri Rees is still on the payroll?

  2. I assume Hossein Hosseiny’s “heavily pregnant girlfriend” will pop out
    the little bundle of jihad while he is in jail, & it will breach his human
    rights to deport him because the li’l bundle is “british”, & they can all
    live happily in a council supplied terrace house in Cardiff.

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