UN Supports Pedophiles

* No surprises here, and of course this has nothing to do with Islam.

* Update from Atlas: Child Services Refuses to Investigate Child Abuse, Sexual Abuses Beatings in Shariah Class at the Al Farooq Mosque in Nashville

Andrew Bolt –

Of all the injustices in all the world, the United Nations busies itself with this one, from New Zealand:

The Government is considering a United Nation’s Human Rights Committee ruling it breached the rights of a repeat child sex offender in the handling of his parole application.

Kiwiblog, astonished, notes that the injustice that most engages this descredited UN committee is the last on this resume of Allan Dean’s career as a pedophile: 

In 1959 indecently assaulted a youth in the dark

In 1960 indecently assaulted a soldier

In 1964 indecently assaulted a 15 year old boy in a cinema

In 1966 sentenced to jail and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended

he then reoffended six months after being released

In 1970 sentenced to eight year’s jail for three indecent assaults on boys aged under 16, and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended

He then reoffended seven months after being released

In 1993 sentenced to jail and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended.

He reoffended three months later after being released

In 1995 indecently assaulted a 13 year old boy in a cinema by fondling his crotch

Admitted in 1995 that his offending was much more regular than his convictions indicated

Finally given preventative detention in 1995

The UN feels Dean should have been allowed to argue for his release from that detention three years earlier than he was finally allowed to.  Now it seems he’ll earn a payout.

2 thoughts on “UN Supports Pedophiles”

  1. Mr Ellis said in a statement that the only effective remedy was compensation.
    Mr Ellis is quite wrong! The one and only effective remedy is to tell the UN to go to hell, quit that bunch of narcissistic freeloading pigs fattening themselves on the toils of the free world.

  2. Glad you are publicizing this. Preventive detention in NZ has traditionally been used for rapists. Just shows how slack the system is when you see how many times he was threatened with it before it was implimented. Years back , it used to mean indefinite detention , nowadays they seem to put a time frame on it.
    How pathetic that the UN are getting involved in this…standing up for a serial sex offender….I hope some of his victims are able to speak up but then they are just the people who had their lives ruined. Shameful and ridiculous.

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