US arms falling into hands of Taliban, Hamas steals supplies…

* Gee, amazing how things repeat themselves. In 1973,  I was a bandleader  in a nightclub in Vientiane, Laos.  In the morning, one could watch the -unmarked- Air America (CIA) planes fly in weapons and supplies for the Royal Laotian army, and at night one could watch their Generals sell those weapons and supplies to their communist enemies, with whom they drank whiskey and cognac under the eyes of the CIA spooks, who were bought off with whores and drugs.

US arms falling into hands of Taliban

Official U.S. solution to this problem: Send them more arms!

“Arms Sent by U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands,” by C. J. Chivers for The New York Times, May 19 (thanks to JW):

Gaza Gangland News: Hamas Accused of Stealing Medical Supplies, Ambulances

  • Thanks to eye on the world:
The report also claims that Hamas makes huge profits by selling some of the donated medical supplies. 

And to think that they ran on a platform that Fatah was a deeply corrupted organization.

( The Palestinian Ministry of Health accused Hamas of stealing ambulances donated by Arab countries, painting them black and taking expensive medical equipment, according to the PALPRESS news agency. The report said that Hamas took tons of medicines destined for public hospitals and gave them to medical clinics aligned with their movement or sold them at huge profits.

The Ministry’s spokesman challenged Hamas’ claim they lack medicines and revealed that the organization has a four month supply sitting in warehouses. The spokesman charged Hamas with destroying the health infrastructure in Gaza by replacing experienced doctors with Hamas members who have little medical knowledge and cause many patients to die.