Fat Chance: Copts Beg Obama to Address Muslim Oppression

Egyptian Copts to Obama: Reconciliation is a Two-Way Street

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by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

(IsraelNN.com) Members of the Egyptian Coptic diaspora urged American President Barack Obama to remember the Middle East’s oppressed non-Muslim minorities during his upcoming trip to Cairo. Several members of the U.S. Congress echoed the Copts’ concerns. 

ad_subscribe_corner_0402097President Obama is slated to deliver what has been billed as a groundbreaking speech of reconciliation between the West and the Muslim world at Cairo University on June 4, 2009. Christian Copts of California (CCC), an organization representing expatriate Egyptians of the ancient Coptic minority, has written an urgent letter to the American leader reminding him that “reconciliation cannot be separated from reciprocation. The Islamic World must not demand from us that which they are unwilling to retune to us and to extend to their own citizens of other religious. I hope you help them understand reconciliation is a two-way street.”

“The oppression of non-believers exists in every Islamic country”

Here is part three of Alyssa A. Lappen’s interview of Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs at Right Side News (part one is here, and part two here).

In their letter, dated May 27, CCC acknowledged that the “Muslim World has been voicing feelings of grievances against the USA.” While “it is crucial for the USA to listen to the Islamic World’s point of view,” writes Mounir Bishay, on behalf of the organization, “I hope somebody tells them it is equally crucial for them to listen to America’s point of view. Historically the USA has done sufficient favors for the Muslim World to earn respect rather than such vehement hatred. Somebody needs to remind them the USA has been good to them. A large part of U.S. foreign aid has been going to Islamic countries.”

Even the vast oil reserves enjoyed by the Arab Gulf States, the CCC letter notes, were only developed thanks to “American technologies and ingenuity” and that “the oil fields of the Gulf Islamic States would go unprotected from outside aggressors” without America. “Ironically, some of such are neighboring Muslim nations. Somebody needs to remind the Muslim World that polite reciprocity for generous kindnesses shown is supposedly an Islamic custom.”

Muslims in America, CCC continues, live with “no restrictions on their religious practices and they are free to expend efforts to convert as many Americans as they can to Islam. Mosques, Islamic centers and schools are freely built allover the country. Such freedoms are most definitely not offered to those of other faiths within the boundaries of the Islamic World.”

In Egypt “the capital of the Islamic World, where Mr. Obama has chosen to deliver his speech,” CCC states, “Muslims seeking to convert to Christianity or to any other faith are not permitted to do so. Christians need presidential decrees to build new churches and governor’s approval to repair existing ones. There have been instances where Christians were arrested for praying in their homes without a permit.” Furthermore, the Coptic organization claims that there are quotas limiting the hiring of Christians in some professions in Egypt.

As of this writing, Bishay told Israel National News, there has been no official response from the White House. Previously, American Copts also sent a letter to the Egyptian Ambassador to Washington, Sameh Shukri, demanding fair treatment for the Egyptian Coptic community.

Egypt: Two Copts rearrested, face extrajudicial decision from “reconciliation council”

A “reconciliation” coerced by arrest: You’ve got to hand it to the proponents of Sharia and its subjugation of women and non-believers: They can outdo Orwell himself. An update on this story. “Egypt: Two Copts rearrested in Abu Fana murder,” from  Compass Direct News, May 29:

According to Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International, “When it comes to human rights and the treatment of minority Christians, Egypt has an extremely poor track record. The President should have a lot to talk about with Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, one of the longest-serving leaders in the Arab world. We hope he uses this as an opportunity to speak out for persecuted, minority Christians in Egypt.”

In Egypt, Islam is the official state religion the primary authority for legislation. Estimates of the number of Christians range from 10 to 15 million, out of a total of 79 million. Most Christian Egyptians are members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which predates the Islamic conquest of the region by hundreds of years.

Congressmen Also Step Up
In a lengthy letter to President Obama, delivered May 28, ten members of the U.S. Congress also called on him to take a stand for minority rights in the Arab world.

“The Middle East has historically been a place of religious pluralism and cultural diversity,” the congresspeople claimed. “Please remind your audience that while the international community is committed to help Muslim minorities around the world, including those in India, Russia, China, and the West, at the same time we must ensure that all other minorities inside the ‘Muslim world’ are granted their basic rights.”

Turning to Obama’s hosts for the June 4 speech, the congressional letter added, “We urge you to ask [your audience] to help Egypt fight the scourge of terrorism and stand by its own Coptic minority, often targeted by extremists’ violence.”

“Whatever the decision, we will kill you”: Member of prosecution team threatens woman on trial for “blasphemy” in Pakistan

And Islamic clerics stormed the courtroom to demand a guilty verdict, in an update on this story (scroll down to the second half of the article). “Pakistan: Islamic radicals storm ‘blasphemy’ hearing,” from Compass Direct News, May 29:

Muslims torch two church buildings in Zanzibar

“And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” — Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009


“Muslims went out in the streets, dancing and chanting ‘Come to Jihad’ and the ‘Cross is the enemy of God’, with the security forces chanting along with them!”

“Since early 2007 the Egyptian government has been appeasing Muslim fundamentalists by settling matters of sectarian conflict out of court in line with Islamic Sharia law.” Which, of course, works to the detriment of Egyptian Christians. “The government brokers ‘reconciliation’ sessions where the Christians are forced to drop all the charges they are making (arson, looting, assault, kidnap, robbery, criminal damage, rioting, torture, rape, murder) in exchange for Muslim guarantees of ‘peace’.” Sounds like the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks!

“Egypt: impunity fuels persecution – the terrible consequence of forced ’reconciliation’ in the absence of truth or justice,” by Elizabeth Kendal for ASSIST News Service, July 1 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

AUSTRALIA (ANS) — Since early 2007 the Egyptian government has been appeasing Muslim fundamentalists by settling matters of sectarian conflict out of court in line with Islamic Sharia law. That prohibits Christians from bringing evidence against Muslims. The government brokers ‘reconciliation’ sessions where the Christians are forced to drop all the charges they are making (arson, looting, assault, kidnap, robbery, criminal damage, rioting, torture, rape, murder) in exchange for Muslim guarantees of ‘peace’. This ‘reconciliation’ Egyptian-style emboldens belligerent Islamists by rewarding their violence with impunity. It creates a climate of terror for Christians and is fuelling escalating persecution. Over recent years Muslim pogroms have become more violent; they have attracted more participants; and they have spread from the desert villages to the suburbs of Cairo. Along with this, the Muslims are becoming more demanding. Innocent Christians are losing basic rights and even going to jail just so Muslims can be appeased.

The article goes on to recount one incident of Muslim-provoked strife between Muslims and Christians, culminating with this:

According to Mary Abdelmassih, a correspondent with the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), local Muslims were ecstatic that the Copts would be prohibited from praying in the premises. She quotes Lawyer Makkar Watany who lives in the village: ‘Muslims went out in the streets, dancing and chanting “Come to Jihad” and the “Cross is the enemy of God”, with the security forces chanting along with them!’ The Christians have all retreated to their homes in fear and are surviving on stockpiled food. Their crops have been razed and telecommunications have been cut.Not only is violence against Christian individuals, churches and communities escalating dangerously, but the courts are increasingly subordinating the Constitution to Sharia law.Notably, the courts are refusing to allow Muslims the right to convert. The consequences of this are huge. A woman who is officially registered as a Muslim must by law marry a Muslim and the children of a man officially registered as a Muslim are automatically deemed Muslim by the State. The few who have courageously challenged this have been forced into hiding to preserve their lives.

Read it all.

Christian Copts beg for Protection against Muslim violence

A Muslim man set fire to a Coptic young man 

Violence against Christian Copts erupted again at dawn on Friday, 7/3/09, in the village of Guirgis Bey, Akfahssi, El-Fashn. Coptic priests accused the Egyptian State Security apparatus of masterminding the incident.

“The village Muslims circulated a ‘rumour’ that the Copts will convert the social services building belonging to the Coptic Diocese of Beba and El-Fashn into a church, resulting in Muslims completely burning down two houses belonging to Christians and attempting to burn down two cars belonging to the church and the priest by pouring kerosene over them,” said Diocese spokesman Reverend Abdul Quddus Hanna to Copts United. “The fire brigade arrived 90 minutes later. The State Security then incited the Muslim villagers against the Copts, leading to clashes between them. Twelve Copts and five Muslims have been arrested and charged with assault.”

Muslim cops beating a Copt

The village of Guirgis Bey which is inhabited by nearly 500 Muslims and 2000 Copts has been placed under curfew.

The Egyptian Union Human Rights Organization EUHRO sent an urgent plea to President Mubarak to protect the Coptic inhabitants, in view of the incompetence of the Ministry of Interior. “Who allowed those hooligans to carry out these attacks? The State security failed and was only successful in arresting eleven Christian young men,” said Dr. Naguib Gabraeel, President of EUHRO.

July 26, 2009

Muslim mob targets Christians for building church

The classic dhimmi laws forbid Christians to build new churches or rebuild old ones, and even today, when those laws are not fully observed in the Islamic world, it is devilishly difficult for Christians to get permits to build new houses of worship and to repair old ones — even in secular Turkey and the “Arab Republic” of Egypt. This story comes to us from Egypt.

“Islamic Tolerance Alert: Muslim mob targets Christians for building church: Mosque blamed for igniting Islamic crowds to torch property,” by Aaron Klein for World Net Daily, July 26 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

JERUSALEM – Hundreds of Muslims over the weekend tried to set a local Egyptian Christian’s home on fire after he announced he would turn the structure into a church, an Egyptian security source and local Christians told WND.At least four Christian Copts and two Muslim policemen were wounded in the clashes that ensued this past Friday after about 500 local Muslims descended upon the small Christian village of Al-Hawasiliya, vowing to burn down the house.

Local Christians told WND the Muslim mob was provoked at local mosque services.

The imams deliberately worked up the congregants against us,” a local Christian told WND yesterday.

The Muslims accused the Christian home owner of attempting to build a church without the proper local permits. Islamic Shariah law, not explicitly accepted by the Egyptian government, forbids the construction of any new churches in a Muslim state. Existing churches are allowed to remain but cannot be expanded and cannot conduct public ceremonies or ring church bells….

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