Go ahead, make my day: Pal's threaten new 'intifada'

PA: “Netanyahu speech will spur new intifada”

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Palestinian Authority officials said Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy speech would trigger a new intifada. 

jimmy-carter-pal“The speech has destroyed all initiatives and expectations,” said a statement issued from PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ office following Netanyahu’s policy speech on Sunday at Bar Ilan University. “It has also placed restrictions on all efforts to achieve peace and constitutes a clear challenge to the Palestinian, Arab and American positions.”

An Abbas aide told the Jerusalem Post that “It’s obvious, in the aftermath of this speech, that we are headed toward another round of violence and bloodshed.” 

* Jewish leaders get the shits over Obamessiah’s deceit

Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat called on the Arab countries to suspend the Arab peace initiative to protest Netanyahu’s policy statement. 

Hamas said that Netanyahu’s address reflected “a racist and extremist ideology,” the French news agency AFP reported.

* Damn!  Hamas calls Nethanyahu ‘extremist’-which race is Islam again?

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni said at a Kadima Party meeting Monday that Netanyahu took “a step in the right direction” during his speech Sunday.  She said the opposition would make sure Netanyahu’s words, calling for a demilitarized Palestinian state, would be translated into action.

A statement from a group of rightists said they would build dozens of new outposts in response to Netanyahu’s address as well as President Obama’s address last week in Cairo.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said in a statement: “The Prime Minister’s speech was a true and courageous speech that referred to the main issue — the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel, the state of the Jewish People.  He also proposed to the Palestinians the opening of direct negotiations without preconditions. These remarks, which were enunciated in a clear voice, are very important regarding the strengthening of stability in the Middle East and constitute an opening of direct negotiations towards both a regional peace and a bilateral peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

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  1. You can never please a group of people such as the Palestinians and co. Who are nothing more than petulant children in adults bodies!

  2. The Mohammedans just hate it when they are exposed for the lying b*stards that we all know they are. That is why they are so angry at Netanyahu’s and his speech because he spoke the truth and they know they cannot pull the wool over his eyes and he has got their number. No matter what concessions he has made they can now only answer as the idiotic pathetic ‘Islamic Rage Boys’ that they all are. The Anti Semite ‘Peanut brained Carter’ of course is just plain insane.

  3. Does anyone know how many zillions of foreign aid money has gone into Gaza? I recall reading some time back that it was the biggest money drain in the world and that the last raghead guy whose name escapes me , had zillions in Swiss banks accounts.
    Where is all the dosh? and why do people throw good money after bad? It is the ultimate in foolishness.

  4. And the anti-Israel pro-Islam groupies call Israel a “welfare state” [didn’t know a welfare state could be so smart…having the highest per capita of college grads & scientists on the planet]. If Israeli citizens comprise one, what does that make the philestina Arabs…who sponge handouts from every bleeding heart libtard they can cry to? [and turn around to use most of the money to arm their Jihad against the Jews]. The idiocy of Peanut Carter is a glorious example of the liberal mental disorder, the goof cries over the most worthless terror loving brainwashed cry babies on earth. Before these lowlife were given the gift of Gaza, the Israelis had turned into a amazing agricultural oasis…the legendary greenhouses of Gaza produced the most abundant vegetable & fruit harvests of anywhere on the planet.


    Of course even the most simple peanut farmer would frown over this tragedy, except Carter has purged his mushy brain over any sound reasoning.

  5. Stupid, incompetent and violent – a description that is obtained by viewing the actions of the muslim umma world wide. As for ex POTUS Carter – he was a poor president and he is a poor human being.

  6. Anyone who gives money to these people is stupider than the recipients…but it just shows how easily manipulated and blinded some people are…but then of course deception is a founding tenet of islam.

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