Demented Al Qaradawi Goes Apeshit Over Obamessiah's Koran-Torah Platitudes

Crazy Sheikh Goes Ballistic on Obama for Mentioning Koran and Torah Together

Vicious Babushka

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2 thoughts on “Demented Al Qaradawi Goes Apeshit Over Obamessiah's Koran-Torah Platitudes”

  1. This guy like many of his fellow travellers is having trouble with concept of reality. He is talking about the Torah but in reality he is describing the Koran. If this is the best he can do then he should get of the window sill and let that curtain fall back over his face.

  2. I cannot beleive the delusion this guy is living in. No, it is NOT the Torah that has order of mass killing, and but rather it is the Koran that is full of such orders and there is nothing to hide. I just cannot beleive the denial these immams are living in….. simply unbelievably deceitful…

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