Iran Election Irrelevant

Update for Optimists:

Huge protest in Iran, shots fired

Is this the beginning of the end for the Islamic Republic? Maybe, but if so, there is a long way to go. This was a pro-Mousavi demonstration, and as Kenneth Timmerman points out here (thanks to Pamela), Mousavi was a founder of Hizballah and participated in the creation of Iran’s intelligence service. A demonstration on his behalf may thus represent dissatisfaction with the heavy-handedness of the mullahs, but not necessarily a genuine move away from the basic premises of the Islamic Republic. That is not to say, however, that the Islamic Republic is wildly popular among Iranians, or that there isn’t real support for a return to a more Western-oriented government and society. Obama should today be appealing to those who hold such views — which doesn’t include Mousavi — and pledging his support to them.

“Shots fired at huge Iran protest,” from the BBC, via JW

The Election that Wasn’t

Iranians yet again trusted the Islamic Republic and believed that “reform from within” was possible and yet again the Islamic Republic has proven that “reform from within” is just a slogan. More>>


 * Sheik yer’mami sez:

 a choice between Ahmadinejad and Musavi? Irrelevant! Who cares?

A choice between one mad mullah or another  genocidal lunatic is not a choice for us. Its like  asking  “do you prefer Ted Bundy over Jack the Ripper…?”

Or who do you prefer: Hitler or Stalin?

Much Ado About Nothing in Iran

By Debbie Schlussel

The most outrageous comment I’ve heard yet about the Iranian elections is one uttered by Michigan’s Communist U.S. Senator Carl Levin on a Detroit radio station, this morning.

Well, more people voted in the Iranian elections than in the U.S. elections. They had a higher turn out in Iran. 80%.

HUH? HUH?! HUH????!!!!

This U.S. Senator is comparing the United States with a totalitarian regime and somehow implying that they are better, more democratic, more committed to free elections. . . because they had a higher percentage of turnout (a forced-by-the-totalitarian-state turnout) -by-at the polls of a fake election run and orchestrated by a theocracy? Absurd. Ludicrous. Ridiculous. More>>


iran-debate                                     Iran style ‘debate’…

Video: Iranian thugs beat protester to death in broad daylight

Weasel Watch:

There’s no official confirmation that he died but that’s the word on the street. Best-case scenario is that they “merely” beat him into unconsciousness. Rather than give you just the video of the beating, though, I’m embedding a kaleidoscope of 14 clips put together to show you how widespread and violent the protests already are. If you can’t spare a few minutes to watch them all, at least watch the first three plus the seventh, where you’ll find the Basij — essentially Iran’s answer to the Nazi SA — riding by on motorcycles with batons and taking swings at anyone wearing green to indicate support for Mousavi. I’ve read multiple tweets from Iranians today claiming that some of these goons have been heard speaking Arabic, not Farsi, suggesting that they’re actually Hezbollah troops shipped in from Lebanon to help with the crackdown. Whether that’s true or just a rationalization by Iranian students who don’t want to believe their own countrymen would side with the regime against the people, I don’t know.

more from Hotair

“If you meet mush, then push…”

Obama Administration officials still hope they can talk Khamenei out of developing nuclear weapons and supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. This is delusion on stilts. Khamenei can’t even compromise with his own regime or his hand-picked presidential candidates. He placed them under house arrest, along with a Grand Ayatollah, and deployed thousands of violent enforcers into the streets. Not only does he confront the world, he is at war with his very own country.

Understand the mind of a totalitarian. “Probe with a bayonet,” Vladimir Lenin famously said. “If you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, then push.” more from rotten Totten>>

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