Kuffar Bashing, DownUnder

Robbed of $50, then bashed for the hell of it

  • Looks like we need more ‘interfaith-dialogue…’


  • Multicultural enrichment, no doubt.  Could racism have anything to do with it?

Nah, lets not go there, there is only white racism and discrimination against Muslims, right?  The Mohammedans who beat this elderly white guy  (if they ever get caught) will get off with a slap on the wrist.  But  why don’t we built them another mosque, another  ‘community centre”  to get  the kidz off the street,  or, hey,  how about some interfaith dialogue?

200bashedman-200x0THIS is the battered and bruised face of violence in Sydney today. The 72-year-old Epping pensioner, too terrified to release his name, was robbed of $50 and then kicked and beaten by two youths.

“He was an elderly man minding his own business,” said Superintendent Peter Marcon. “He could have been your or my father. He gave them the money and they still punched and kicked him.

“What excuse can you make for people like that? They are very serious injuries, why flog someone for the fun of it? It is important that we catch these guys for the community’s safety. They don’t deserve to be part of the community.”

Superintendent Marcon said the man was attacked while walking through Boronia Park at Epping at 6pm on Thursday, June 4. As he neared the war memorial in the park, two men approached and demanded his wallet.

Superintendent Marcon said the offenders were described as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance, aged 17 to 21, 175 centimetres tall and of medium build. Both had short, black hair and were clean shaven.

Police have appealed to witnesses to contact Eastwood Police on (02) 9858 9299 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


5 thoughts on “Kuffar Bashing, DownUnder”

  1. * “What excuse can you make for people like that?”

    How about …

    “History of mental illness”
    “Strict islamic upbringing”
    “We are shocked, shocked, they are such nice boys”
    “We see them at the mosque, but only rarely, they aren’t well
    “We will decide who comes to this country … and we don’t give a
    stuff what they do when they get here”

    And so on.

  2. Had to be an old guy. A younger bloke would have seen them off. If you meet these guys on their own and they go to water. We can only hope that they robbed the poor old guy for drug money and the pair of scum suckers od’d.

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