Muslims will win fast-track passports if they stand on picket lines or knock on doors asking people to vote Labour, it emerged last night.

The bottom of depravity:

Want a British passport? Just stand on a picket line or canvas for Labour


  • Whatever it takes: there is no bottom to Socialist cravenness and depravity:

By JAMES SLACK/Mail online

Migrants will win fast-track passports if they stand on picket lines or knock on doors asking people to vote Labour, it emerged last night.

The Home Office says trade union activism and political canvassing should count towards the planned new system of ‘earned citizenship’.

Migrants who complete 50 hours of voluntary work will be entitled to receive British citizenship after six years – two years earlier than if they do nothing. 

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Migrants will win fast-track passports if they stand on picket lines, such as those set up outside Tube stations in London this week

Ministers had originally given examples such as running a local scout group rather than helping unions such as the RMT, which this week inflicted crippling strike action on London.

Critics will point to the historic relationship between Labour and the unions. Migrants cannot vote until they become citizens – so, by using union membership to speed their applications, Labour is potentially swelling its own support.

The details emerged in a Home Office document circulated among MPs this week. It reveals that employers will be expected to give people time off, where required, to complete the service.

Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said: ‘This Government seems to think that standing on a picket line or handing out political leaflets should give people a fast track to a British passport.

‘These are half-baked ideas which show that at best Ministers are making up policy as they go along.

‘This sort of proposal threatens to bring the whole idea of earning British citizenship into disrepute.’ 

The list of activities which count towards earned citizenship includes trade union activities and canvassing for a political party – which also covers the Tories and Liberal Democrats. 

how to earn citizenship

Even aiding the BNP would count – if it was willing to accept help from an immigrant.

The document says: ‘We are keen for migrants to participate in our civic and political life and we recognise the important part that political parties and trade unions play in our democracy.’ 


It says canvassing and handing out leaflets will qualify as active citizenship because they include interaction with other party members. Simple membership of a party or union will not count.

Under the earned citizenship system, a migrant will be able to obtain a passport after living legally in the UK for six years, provided they complete the 50 hours of community service.

If they do not, they will have to wait for eight years. Full access to benefits is granted once citizenship is approved.

Community service claims will have to be endorsed by a referee who could be fined £5,000 or jailed for three months for lying.

Local councils will be in charge of checking applications.

A Home Office spokesman said last night: ‘We are asking more than ever before. As well as paying tax, speaking English and sticking to the rules, we are asking newcomers to get involved in making their communities a better place.

‘This could be done in many different ways, including through conservation work or helping out in a primary school or hospital.’

The document also reveals that the introduction of the earned citizenship scheme has been delayed by nine months, to December 2010.

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  1. Islamic schools will have to be brought into the 21sst century before they are allowed to operate. The way they are operating right should be grounds for closure, ancient ignorance is their main lesson.

  2. Reading some comments in UK newspapers online on the Teacher story you know where a woman was hounded out of the school because the parents thought she was a man and even medical evidence was not enough for them. Looking at the photos of the school and its pupils I am somewhat amazed and astounded at the reactions of the Moonbats who abound in UK these days.
    The photos show an Islamic school in UK the pupils are all female and MUSLIM the staff are all female and MUSLIM and the school uniform is a Burka with a coloured head covering. So the UK Governments idiotic Multi Culti PC Moonbat immigration policies and left wing stupidity has allowed a 7th Century Third World institution and mentality to be established in UK. What amazes me is that so many Moonbats in the UK are genuinely astounded that this could happen and some Moonbats even DEFEND it.

  3. Hi Sheik,

    here is a link to the article in the UK’s daily Mail similar stories are in all the UK papers except of course rthe Left Wing ones like the Guardian and the Observer

  4. It seems there is more to this story. The parents insist they object to her because they think she is a man even though irrefutable medical evidence proves she is a woman. Apparently this all blew up when she was seen on the web in a photo with short hair and wearing male type clothes so the probability is that they think she is a Lesbian.
    But of course this would not fly as an excuse in PC , Multi Culti, Yuman Rites, Gay/Lesbian loving Moonbat UK, where they FORCE children in to adoption by Gays, and they KNOW it hence their insistence despite all information to the contrary that she is a man. Mohammedans are nothing if not devious inventive LIARS who will do and say anything to get what they want. I just cant wait for all the loony left feminists . Gays and Lesbians to wake upo and realise just what their beloved Mohammedans really think about them. Do I think they will well I am not so sure these types think Mohammedans are their allies and they vote like sheeple for people like Obambi and the Labour Party.

  5. This reeks of nu-labour desperation: “we’ll give you instant Britishness, if you keep our snouts in the public money troughs”.

    Corrupt bastards all round, they’ll hold on to the last gasp and by whatever means necessary until one day it will become too much. Then you’ll see the fury of the British unleashed like never before, the Russian and French revolution’s will seem inconsequential by comparison!

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