Soon to be Released Gitmo Jihadist Was Known Drug-Dealer in Germany

Gitmo prisoner pushed drugs in Germany

Thanks to Allah’s Willing Executioners

Both Guantanamo prisoners who were to be resettled in Germany by request of the USA are known to the security services due to their criminal records. As the news magazine “Focus” reports, the Tunisian  arrived  1996  illegally in Germany and had applied under wrong name for asylum. In the federal state Hessen he was known to the police as a drug dealer.

According to the information of the authorities the Tunisian went through a paramilitary education. After the attacks on 9/11  he fled from Afghanistan to Iran, however, was sent back again and handed over in February, 2003 to the US military. The second Guantanamo prisoner was in a Taliban camp and appears according to the news magazine as a potential martyr in a video which was taken up in autumn, 2001. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sees no possibility for the admission of the prisoners because of of the legal conditions.


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