"Sudden Jihad Syndrome" at Ohio State, Assassin Hides in Mosque…

“Wrong place, wrong time”- really?

Nothing to do with Islam or jihad, just another case of mental illness, of course. Can’t blame the peaceful religion of 1.5 gazillion muslims for the tiny minority of extremists, right? Why don’t we look at those grazy Christianist fundamentalist who bomb abortion clinics? Nothing to see here, you Islamophobe, you!

By: Collin Binkley/H/T Atlas Shrugs

A female Ohio State student was trying to catch a bus to class Tuesday afternoon when she became the victim of a random stabbing.

Police say the 20-year-old student was walking down Stinchcomb Drive near Buckeye Village at 12:55 p.m. when she was stabbed by 34-year-old Wael W. Kalash. Witnesses said Kalash had been walking up and down the street exhibiting “bizarre” behavior before the stabbing occurred.

“There’s no connection between the victim and him other than she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, it was a completely random act,” said Det. Jay Fulton of the Columbus Division of Police homicide unit.


Is it really remotely “anti-foreigner” to point out that a man guilty of stabbing a young woman he didn’t know used to yell “F*** YOU AMERICAN SL*T” at other college girls?

UPDATE: Patrick Poole tells me that the mosque to which Kalash fled was the same one that has been connected to several jihad attacks, and which may also be linked to the recent Arkansas jihad murder. It has also hosted jihadist speakers.

Witnesses said that Kalash, a resident of Stinchcomb Drive, walked up to the student and stabbed her once in the abdomen with a knife. The student described the weapon as a kitchen-type knife bigger than a steak knife but smaller than a bread knife.

While an ambulance took the student to Riverside Hospital to undergo surgery, officers saturated the area looking for the assailant. They soon found Kalash inside a nearby mosque at 535 Riverview Dr., where witnesses positively identified him as the assaulter. Kalash was arrested for felonious assault and is being held at Franklin County Jail on $750,000 bond.

Neighbors of Kalash said he has a history of “strange behavior,” and Fulton said he may be mentally ill.

“He didn’t make a lot of sense when we tried to talk to him,” Fulton said. “He exhibited a lot of signs of some mental instability or some mental issues.”

Fulton said Kalash also has a history of violent offenses.

Police executed a search warrant in Kalash’s home and recovered two knives and the clothes they believe he was wearing during the stabbing. Lab tests have yet to confirm the weapon used in the stabbing.

The student, whose name is not being released by police, successfully underwent surgery and is being held under observation at Riverside Hospital.


Very telling comment made by a student in the comment section:

Actually I am a resident that lives in University Village next to his building that he lived in. He was always at the UV bus stop and riding the UV bus. Whenever I would drive by him while he was sitting out on the bus stop he would stand in front of my car making me slow down and stop and yell “F*** YOU AMERICAN SL*T”. I am not being “anti-foreigner”, but I am telling the truth. I spoke with several other girls and they said the same type of thing happened to them. Actually I do not think this is “WRONG PLACE AT WRONG TIME”

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  1. “F*** YOU AMERICAN SL*T”. It must be difficult being a gay Muslim.

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