Twisted Priorities

Was there a moment of silence for the soldier murdered outside the Army recruiting office by a savage islamic terrorist? I don’t think so. I think America needs a  moment of silence to mark the death of sanity.


House Holds “Moment Of Silence” For Michael Jackson

house-silenceHouse Hold Moment of Silence for Michael Jackson…Still Nothing For Victims of Mullah Regime….

Michelle Malkin:  Twisted priorities

Members of Congress don’t have enough time to read through the 1,200-page cap-and-trade (truth in advertising: cap-and-TAX) monstrosity that will radically alter the economy in the name of the Link

Jawa Report:

So first we got a massive, budget-busting, deficit-hiking Democrat-created “stimulus” bill that did nothing to stimulate the economy and everything to stimulate unions and Democrat interest groups.

Now, our brilliant and dearly beloved Congress will be passing a Democrat-created anti-stimulus assault on the private sector in the form of new energy taxes to go along with the first anti-stimulus. To “save the world.” For the children.

Two massive, unprecedented Democrat-created anti-stimulus bills that nobody’s read within the first 200 days. Massive, Democrat-created unsustainable deficits for the next decade and beyond that [Link]


Guess who has investments in alternative fuel and carbon entities? You could probably guess, but just check it out anyway.

I agree with Beck, too, about the insanity of Michael Jackson overload when something so enormous like C&T is happening RIGHT NOW! If you are reading this on Friday evening at this time, please call either 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 and tell them VOTE NO on this sham!!!

Journalism is dead

Not only CNN. The other networx are equally guilty:

With the Democratic majority in the House trying desperately to pass the worst legislation sinceSmoot-Hawley, the Waxman-Markey “cap and trade” bill, to what are the giants of cable news devoting wall-to-wall coverage?

The death of pop icon and pedophile Michael Jackson.

I weep.

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  1. I think you folks in the USA are going to have to take these idiot Democrats to task soon before you loose your country.

  2. B. Hussein Obama, in a few months, has established himself as public enemy number one.

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