UK: Ahmed beat his girlfriend to death because she hurt his pride…

* You see, Ahmed has feelings too. His feelings were hurt: She made him do it! 

Nothing to do with Islam, of course. We all beat our girlfriends to death now and then.  Just  move on, nothing to see here:

Man jailed for girlfriend murder
_45941822_prokopcova2                                   Klara Prokopcova suffered a blood clot to the brain

A man who beat his girlfriend to death over a four-hour period on the night of her birthday because she “dented his pride” has been jailed for life.

Zahir Ahmed, of Selbourne Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, had denied murdering Klara Prokopcova, 26, in November 2007.

Ahmed, 34, attacked Miss Prokopcova in taxis and various locations before dialling 999, but she died in hospital, Luton Crown Court heard.

He was convicted of murder and ordered to serve at least 21 years in prison.

_45941821_ahmed                   The judge described Ahmed as a “bully and a coward”

Ahmed, a married doorman with a five-year-old son, was having an affair with Miss Prokopcova, the court heard.

Judge John Bevan QC:

“ Your treatment of her was despicable and abhorrent. You are a bully and a coward and treat women with contempt 

He denied intending to kill her and said he thought she would recover from injuries he inflicted that night, the court heard.

Miss Prokopcova died on 11 November 2007 after celebrating her birthday at Cubes nightclub in Dunstable.

She left in a taxi with a girlfriend leaving Ahmed behind which angered him and he felt his ego had been dented, the court heard.

He ordered her to return and in the cab, he beat her up and kicked her in the stomach, then took her to a park, where she ended up in a duck pond.

He then took her to a deserted spot under the M1 motorway where he continued to assault her, the court was told.

“Your treatment of her was despicable and abhorrent. You are a bully and a coward and treat women with contempt.”

He eventually dialled 999 but she died in hospital.

The court heard her head and body were covered in bruises and there was extensive hair loss.

A blood clot had formed on the brain, her breast bone and three ribs were fractured, as were both nasal bones.

Some bruises bore the pattern of a shoe and there were also injuries on her arms where she had tried to defend herself.

Judge John Bevan QC said: “You subjected her to a reign of fear over the months before her death.

“She was a tiny girl who did not stand a chance against you, but for some unknown reason she loved you.

During the trial, he admitted he had beaten her regularly, describing himself as “a scumbag”.

“ Your treatment of her was despicable and abhorrent. You are a bully and a coward and treat women with contempt 

26 thoughts on “UK: Ahmed beat his girlfriend to death because she hurt his pride…”

  1. The judge described him as a bully and a coward.
    I’d describe him as a filthy Paki.

  2. Yet again, Sheikh, you cast judgement on such incidents as if the moral constructs of the white, western cultural-economic-political hegemony – e.g. the inalienable right to life, equality of the sexes, respect for women etc. – were somehow absolute, while willfully ignoring the rich contribution in terms of cultural diversity brought by people such as Zahir Ahmed to our societies.

  3. “The judge described him as a bully and a coward”.

    Typical Islamist, with the emphasis on COWARD.

  4. Even more interesting is why such people as ZAHIR AHMED and KLARA PROKOPCOVA were both resident in the same ENGLISH city. The only reason they were is because of the UK’s INSANE immigration laws. Therefore the REAL culprit of this murder is Gordon McBROON and his army of PC, Multi Culti, anti semitic, Pro the evil Mohammedans , Moonbat friends in the Government , Judiciary and the idiots who voted for them.

  5. A filhy muslim. Poor girl must have been terribly lonely to seek companionship with a muslim pig. The muslim pig of course almost certainly took advantage of her – fairly typical behavior of a muslim. Execute the muslim. Muslims have NO honor, and they have NO pride, as demonstrated on an almost daily basis by THEIR own actions. Actually, I would like to see this muslim pig executed by the state, and all social benefits withdrawn from its family.


    Cucurbita Clown
    There are very few “rich” contributions from muslims – I do not count Zahir Ahmed as one!!!!! Rather than supporting the enemy, you might want to stick your miserable head out and comment on the innumerable crimes committed by your PEOPLE OF CULTURE. And you, as is typical of a PC idiot, have completely misunderstood the purpose of this blog – whether willfully or through stupidity is irrelevant. Care to comment on the three nurses who were recently shot and mutilated by your PEOPLE OF CULTURE!!!! Until you are capable of respecting those who have been murdered or enslaved by your PEOPLE OF CULTURE I suggest you shut up.

  6. About time the death penalty was reintroduced to the UK, there have been a few cases recently that warranted it. Instead we have to support the scum in jail for 20 mor 30 years and then supply them with social security and housing when they come out. Still not suprising when a thug hits and scars a policewoman while out drinking (he also had previous) and gets community service!

  7. * The judge described Ahmed as a “bully and a coward”

    What’s wrong with the judge, shopping the perp for twenty-one. Poor
    Ahmed, couldn’t he develop a history of mental illness & get off with a slap on the wrist & a bag of lollies? Who was his brief?

    Now he’ll spend his days gaming the system, demanding “prayer” mats and halal food & constantly whining about islamophobic prison guards wearing union jack lapel buttons.

  8. Curcubatty seems fond of long words -probably fancies himself an intellectual – a man of culture. Is he the joker from Bucharest?

    Well . . who cares anyway.

  9. How many stories do these women have to read that it finally will get thru to them not to start a relation with a men with the Islam religion.
    The relationships who work out are so small, so it is not worth taken the risk. Once you have children you are realy stuck.

  10. Cucurbitae Caput most of us realised that but some people are too dim to get sarcasm.

  11. Cucurbitae Caput,

    Unfortunatey there have been some islamist trolls who would support what you say, thinking that you weren’t being sarcastic. Therefore, please excuse when any of us here doesn’t instantly understand your sarcasm. Well put though!

  12. John, there are large numbers of people in Europe – and I refer to native Europeans rather than Mohammedan invaders – who genuinely believe in such “progressive” lunacy as the “enrichment of western societies” brought by “cultural diversity” (i.e. forced Islamisation), a belief whose harmfulness is compounded by the current, suicidal white guilt complex toward the post-colonial world. It is the official ideology of most European governments and is instilled in large segments of the populace by means of various channels of propaganda, the double-think and socio-economico-cultural intimidation of “political correctness”, and what can only be described as a form of brainwashing in eduction. I thought ironising this politically correct, normative, coercive ideology would be a way of exposing it in all its culturally suicidal absurdity, but evidently I was wrong.

  13. this is not as it seems i know zahir and he could never do this their was no intention of murder and the sentence was out of order by judge bevan da wanka hel do his time and cum hme to his family that love him dearly

  14. Now I don’t believe for one moment that illiterate ‘quasim’ was being sarcastic at all. LOL

  15. I grew up with ziggy and was horrified by it all. Whilst he’s done what he did and it is wrong I just don’t understand why? He is a great bloke. He must do his time and that’s that. It was wrong and he has many years to think it over. But I do know he was not ever bad to me or my family which is why I’m so shocked. But yes so wrong.

  16. I’ve never understood why our “civilized”countries revoked the death penalty. This animal (sorry animals, I meant subhuman) shouldn’t be in jail, but rather pushing up daisies in some potter’s field. An eye for an eye!

  17. Cucurbitae Caput
    The intent of your original email as sarcasm is not evident, despite the reference to ZA, the muslim of the month (MM). Its argument lies along the lines used by the supporters of cultural diversity to support their argument. Since this disease has now penetrated the top levels of government in both Europe and the USA (the problem of PC ineptitude is now rather serious) you need to be a little sharper in constructing your argument. I can interpret the original email is several ways, however if sarcasm was intended then I concur and an apology is given. I wonder, however, how many of us would have actually made an official complaint about the presence of MM and his ilk.It appears, from what has been published, that MM had been subjecting Ms. Prokopcova to violence for several months. It is difficult to believe that this fact came out only because of the trail. It was almost certainly known or suspected by others. If a complaint had been made MM could have been observed, his violent characteristics uncovered, and Ms. Prokopcova saved from this “animal”. I wonder if a complaint had been made and MM was left alone by the police because it was a muslim, and there was an order not to interfere on muslim cultural diversity grounds. The murder of Ms. Popkopcova by MM may not be the only unpleasantness associated with this case. There is now another problem. We have MM, a violent muslim murderer, being placed into custody within the UK prison system which seems to function as a brood generator for Islamists. I do not believe that what will come out after some time (and the lawyers will certainly work towards a sentence reduction which may be significant) should be reintegrated into society. MM should be deported or executed after serving its time, and I favor the second option. I am not willing to give MM a second chance – the risk is simply unacceptable.

  18. Cucurbitae Caput

    You must know that irony and humour are not allowed in the Newstate.
    These traits are associated with critical thinking, and critical thinking has been officially outlawed.

  19. so many people write about Zahir, that i wonder… how many of you actually knew klara?
    i did. i miss her more than words can say and i hope she has found peace at last. she never had much of that when she was alive. of course, given her character, she might have been a little bored in a totally peaceful environment. after all, she loved partying and drinking, going out and having fun. i had often managed to make her laugh and i remember those moments with tenderness. i can not believe that anyone would ever want to hurt her so much. sadly, life got in the way and thousands of miles got between us.i had to go and she had chosen to stay in luton. i lost her twice in my life. islam has created men like this zahir and has taken klara away from me and all those others who loved her. there is no penalty or sentence for zahir that i can think of that can really punish him and that can bring her back. there is nothing i can write about this man that will not be seen as hate mail, so i will write nothing at all about him and what i feel. his race is irrelevant, though. religion and custom are states of mind and it’s this wrong mentality that must change so that no more victims like my dear klara will ever suffer again. we cannot change the world by killing a man because a single man means nothing to the world. it’s the mentality of thousands that makes the real difference between the western world and the east. i only hope such cases will cease to appear and i pray klara will rest in peace.

  20. Golden Wolf,
    The thing that murdered your friend is not worth writing about. I hope that Klara is now in peace and that you can find peace as well.

  21. Golden Wolf,

    I too agree that what is important is the memory of the victims, the people that we love, cherish and respect.

    Unfortunately, there are low-life bloggers in this world who will capitalize for their own sick agenda and try to use and abuse the subject with no thought, interest nor respect for the families and people actually involved.

    God’s love is great, be certain that Kara is at peace.

  22. thank you both. the world would be a better place if all the people could think like you.
    i wish you all the best.

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