UK: Government aims to criminalise BNP

Amazing hypocrisy in once great Britain:

 in a land where you have a ‘Muslim Police Man’s Union’ and a ‘Black Police Man’s Union’ , a “Muslim Council of Britain” and a “Society of Black lawyers” which excludes -you guessed it- whites, you  will be banned if you call for ‘white rights’.

Reader ‘Realist’ pointed that out yesterday:

Society of Black lawyers and they don’t see the stupidity of what they are proposing LOL. That reminds in UK they have a Black Police Association which also accepts Asians whites of course are EXCLUDED and a Muslim Police Association which of course excludes all non Muslims . There is also a Police Association of which represents ALL policemen. So if you are a Muslim Asian you have THREE Associations to represent you if you are Black or a non Muslim Asian you have TWO. But of course if you are a white, Christian, Hindu , Sikh or Buddhist you only have ONE. This is the Left wing PC Moonbat idea of EQUALITY.


It doesn’t end there: A BIZARRE campaign has been launched offering cash to those who bombard BNP nasty Nick Griffin with ETHNIC food.

Is Britain turning into a totalitarian nightmare?


British National party’s whites-only membership rules will be banned under government’s equality bill

Harriet Harman told MPs in the Commons today that the equality bill would make the membership criteria illegal.

The leader of the House and deputy Labour leader told her shadow Alan Duncan that she was “shocked and horrified” by the electoral breakthrough the BNP experienced on Monday when two of its candidates were elected to the European parliament.

“There is no place for a political party in this country to have an apartheid constitution and the equality bill will prevent this from being the case,” she said.

The equality bill consolidates all the UK’s disparate equality laws into one piece of legislation, including laws related to the provision of goods and services, although it is unclear if it will be these sections which affect the party.

This week newly-elected MEP and BNP party leader Nick Griffin was given a reminder of the fierce opposition to his and his party’s views when a press conference outside parliament was hijacked by anti-fascists.

The Metropolitan police are appealing for witnesses after a man and a woman were taken to hospital with minor injuries after eggs were thrown and scuffles broke out.

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  1. I’m a very proud offshore member of the BNP. If my grandfather and uncles, who suffered and died for democracy and freedom were alive today, they’d slash their wrists in despair at the sight of those for whom they sacrificed themselves abandonning the British people to the whims of a horde of disgusting, ignorant savages.

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