Wow: these guys might be onto something…

20081212_antiislam-409x249                        Think they figured it all out by themselves?

Euro-lefties on the way out:

Wilders wins big in the Netherlands…

Some fear that the inability of many European left-wing parties to attract voters is a cause — not just a symptom — of a rise among parties on the far right. “When people fear that they are not protected by their governments, they go back to nationalism,” said Anthony Wedgwood Benn, a retired U.K. Socialist lawmaker.
BRUSSELS — Associated Press  

Center-right parties hailed European Parliament election victories as a continent-wide vote for conservative approaches to the economic crisis and pledged Monday to forge ahead. 

Right-leaning governments came out ahead in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, while conservative opposition parties won in Britain and Spain. Others angry over poor economic conditions and political scandals punished ruling parties of both stripes in Greece, Austria, Spain, Britain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Hungary and the tiny island of Malta.


Nationalism is good.

Nationalism isn’t bad. American nationalism wasn’t bad, has never been bad. British nationalism hasn’t been bad. French nationalism isn’t bad. Polish nationalism isn’t bed. Czech nationalism wasn’t bad.

The thing that was bad was that Germany which decided to embrace madness and evil as its central unifying characteristic under the Nazis. That is what the problem was, it was not nationalism per se. And it’s still not nationalism.

They took all the wrong lessons from WW2 and applied them, while ignoring the only lesson that’s really relevant from WW2, which is that you have to choose good and defend good and fight with the intention of defeating evil.

Melanie Phillips:

The willed loss of control of this country’s borders, the blind eye to Islamisation, the refusal to allow the people to vote against the Lisbon treaty and the surrender of self-government to the EU – these are the things that have brought the BNP electoral success. If the shocked MPs now address those issues properly, the BNP will shrivel and die. But if MPs continue to regard such concerns as intrinsically illegitimate and as evidence that the public are themselves simply a bunch of racists, then the BNP will continue to grow. It’s as simple as that. More>>

The BNP shakes the UK:

BNP wins two seats in Europe

The British National Party on Monday won its first seats in the European Parliament, in a major breakthrough for a party reviled by mainstream politicians for its anti-immigration stance.

Party chairman Nick Griffin was elected an MEP in the northwest of England region with eight percent of the vote, hours after Andrew Brons won the BNP’s first ever European seat in the nearby Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Griffin had earlier hailed Brons’ win – with almost 10 percent of the vote – as “a huge breakthrough” for his party, and used the victory to reiterate his party’s anti-immigration and anti-Islam stance.

Griffin told Sky News television: “This is a Christian country and Islam is not welcome, because Islam and Christianity, Islam and democracy, Islam and women’s rights do not mix.”

AFP, 8 June 2009

Electoral victories in Lebanon, Europe

Hizballah loses, Wilders gains.

A dramatic reversal of fortune, and a setback for the Syrian/Iranian jihad in Lebanon. “Lebanon’s ruling coalition claims election victory over Hezbollah,” by Hugh Macleod in The Guardian, June 8:

Jubilant supporters of Lebanon’s US-backed ruling coalition took to the streets last night, claiming a decisive election victory. It marks a dramatic reversal of fortunes after polls showed it losing its slim majority to a Hezbollah-led coalition backed by Syria and Iran.Fireworks streamed from the Beirut home of Saad Hariri, leader of the governing coalition and the top Sunni politician who is now expected to become prime minister. The post was held five times by his father, whose assassination in 2005 triggered a prolonged crisis.

“We extend our hand to work together seriously and in earnest for the sake of Lebanon … to build a strong and sovereign state,” Hariri told supporters in the early hours of the morning. “Long live democracy.”

Appearing to concede defeat, Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah told the Hezbollah-run Al Manar television: “Whatever the results are, it won’t change the sensitive equilibrium. Lebanon’s only choice is consensus.”

Official results will be announced early today, but supporters of the ruling coalition, known as March 14, last night began the celebrations on the streets of Beirut, blaring car horns and flying party colours. Local media reported that with 80% of the votes counted, March 14 – which won elections in 2005 by opposing Syria, which they blame for Rafik Hariri’s assassination – had a slim lead over the Syrian-backed opposition….

And Geert Wilders’s party, venomously portrayed (as usual) in this AP story, gains seats in the European Parliament: “Poll: Right-wing party second in Dutch Euro vote,” by Mike Corder for the Associated Press, June 4:

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – A right-wing, stridently anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker’s party won more than 15 percent of votes in the country’s European Parliament elections Thursday, according to the national broadcaster’s exit poll.The NOS poll predicted the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders will win four of the 25 Dutch seats in the European assembly, one behind the Christian Democrats of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende….

“Turkey as (an) Islamic country should never be in the EU, not in 10 years, not in a million years,” Wilders said after voting.

But Dutch IT manager Olivier van der Post, 40, rejected Wilders’ vision.

“I didn’t vote for Wilders … History has shown that if you want prosperity you must open your borders, not close them,” he said after voting in Voorburg, a leafy village on the outskirts of The Hague….

History also shows that being conquered and Islamized are not paths to prosperity.


2 thoughts on “Wow: these guys might be onto something…”

  1. Is this how Islamists communicate with each other. You have to remember when people start to feel unwelcome in their own country they will look to a political party that will fix that problem. This is the start of the political shift, so the big mouths like Trouser Dag and Irfan Useless who push the Islamist line can keep on blurting their bile it will only speed up the process of political change. You know the old saying “Keep on honking I’m just reloading”.

  2. Melanie Philipps as usual hits the nail right on the head in her article. The British voter ois now faced with virtually no choice at all. The three main parties are full of corrupt MP’s on the fiddle and are all pro Europe, pro Mohammedan, pro Gays/Lesbians and pro unlimited Multi Culti immigration. Labour is rightly finished, the Tories are no better than them and the Liberals are just a joke. The only thing they share with the BNP is that due to the University administered brainwashing they receive most of them they are also anti semitic.
    Sadly the public is left with no option as to where to place its protest vote .
    What is needed is a revolution so the whole edifice can be swept away including all the Moonbats in the Police, Judiciary, Local Government and Education. This sorry state of affairs started with the Left Wing, anti American, anti semitic, pro Mohammedan, PC, Multi Culti moonbat takeover of the Universities in the 60’s and which endures to this day.

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