A "Crisis of Belonging"- What Else Could it Be?

NY Times ascribes “radicalization” of Minneapolis jihadists to “a crisis of belonging”

*  You still believe it  “depends on how welcome we make them feel in the wider community?”

But at the same time it can’t help but notice that there was a religious dimension to their deciding to return to Somalia and wage violent jihad. And no one, you’ll note, seems to have stopped them and said, “Wait a minute! Islam is peace!”

A few excerpts from a very long piece — read it all: “A Call to Jihad, Answered in America,” by Andrea Elliott for the New York Times, July 11

Today: “Wise Latina” Answers to Wise Guys…

6a00d8341cc90353ef011570c2d66e970b-jpg1Sotomayor in the Dock

Yeah, but what about Sotomayor’s ability?

 Race now trumps talent: Traditionally Hispanics have lower average education and so many of them work in America’s service industry… So you can see why it makes good sense to have Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme court. Like Obama her face is a message to all Americans.

Andrew Bolt

Obama’s first meeting with Jewish leaders includes more left-wing groups

Undermining the Jewish state on every front, what else did you expect?

NONIE DARWISH  Obama empowered Islam

Which member of Obama’s administration has exceeded your expectations?

Ooops: There’s a sucker born every minute…

A Greek telethon to benefit a ‘destroyed’ Christian hospital in Gaza, in which Greece’s President and foreign minister participated, turns out to have ‘benefited’ a hospital that never existed.

Killing Al Qaeda Leaders is now a crime?

The CIA ran a secret program for nearly eight years that aspired to kill top al-Qaeda leaders with specially trained assassins, America’s left goes apeshit… More>>


Obama’s Books Banned From US Prisons– TOO RADICAL

Sample: white folks’ greed runs a world in need…”

But, he’s a moderate.

Thank You State-Run Media For Vetting This Radical Before the Election.

The wife is even more moderate:

michelleobama_communistBarack Obama’s books were recently banned from the US government’s most secure prison.
The radical language in the books make them “potentially detrimental to national security.” The Koran is not seen as detrimental to national security- not yet. Wonder how long it takes to smell the coffee…

The AP reported: Gateway Pundit has more

2 thoughts on “A "Crisis of Belonging"- What Else Could it Be?”

  1. I read this on another website ………..

    Muslim leaders in the UK have raised with a Home Office Minister the possibility of the Islamic scriptures being exempted from the proposed new law banning incitement to religious hatred, which is being debated and voted on in the British Parliament today.

    Is this true – an admission tha their book is full of hate ?

    1. Sure thing. That’s their biggest concern. That’s what its all about. The labor dhimmies are all to willing to comply. After all, who would bother to argue with religious scriptures, the bible is worse, dont’cha know?

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