Britain Protects Privacy of Escaped Prisoners


Tim Blair

In Australia, we have men of no appearance. In Britain, they have escapees of no identity: 

Prisoners on the run from Holleseley Bay prison cannot be identified because it would breach their rights to privacy, the Ministry of Justice has said. 

Civil servants have refused to name inmates who have fled prison … 

Hizb ut-Tahrir  on the move:


An Islamic group outlawed in Pakistan but legal in Britain dreams of establishing a fundamentalist Pakistan – and then taking over the planet: 

Followers of the fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called for a “bloodless military coup” in Islamabad and the creation of the caliphate in which strict Islamic laws would be rigorously enforced.

Members of the group, which describes itself as the Liberation party in Britain but is banned in Pakistan, revealed last week that it had targeted the country as a base from which to spread Islamic rule across the world.

The Sunday Times has obtained the names of a dozen British Hizb ut-Tahrir activists based in Lahore and Karachi, or commuting between Britain and Pakistan. There are believed to be many more. 

* few places in the world are  more fundamentalist than Pakistan, Tim.

Pakistan (otherwise known as the ‘land of the pure’) was founded on Islam and nothing but Islam. They’ve had sixty years for killing the remaining Hindus, Christians, Sikhs,  Buddhists and other minorities. They were a bit slack.  Lately they’re making a bit more effort….

We’ve got Hizbies in Australia, too. They tend – along with their media defenders – not to be particularly smart.

* They don’t need to be smart to wage jihad, Tim. Ask Yusuf!

Lionheart: 2 fronts against Islamic extremists opened up within Britain in 1 day – Americas Independence day

6 thoughts on “Britain Protects Privacy of Escaped Prisoners”

  1. The escaped prisoner has a ‘right to privacy’ .
    The UK becomes more and more mad .
    I have the urge to say , “It’s like ……………………..’
    but comparisons are useless – .
    It is what it is – stupidity .

  2. This and any number pf other insanities show just how far the UK has fallen and just how insane PC .Multi Culti. Yuman Rites, moral equivalent left wing moonbats are. And now we have one and a Mohammedan to boot busy destroying the USA too.

  3. In UK a school has banned parents from the school sports day in case some unsavoury characters show up and start ogling or kidnapping the children – as it’s sports day , I would have thought it would be a good test of the children’s running ablilty – it would certainly be a motivation for some of the lazier children .
    Or this sports day could have been used to ATTRACT some unnamed escaped prisoners , who would chase the children , who had been briefed beforehand to run over to some plain clothed policemen , thus facilitating the capture of the escapees without having to name them .
    Well , you’ve got to laugh – otherwise you’d cry or go mad !

  4. Hizb ut-Tahrir are responsible for all the extremists in Britain. They have been allowed to operate freely in UK universities for years , at a time when they were outlawed in the middle east.
    Read “”The Islamist” by Ed Hussein.

  5. No ‘theresaj’ don’t take the easy option Hizb are but a symptom of the disease that is ISLAM.

  6. I must agree with Realist. The problems of islam go to its roots – it cannot be reformed, and it cannot exist with other faiths.

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