Indonesia: Hotel Bombing Claimed by Group With 15 Million Members

Indonesian Islamic leader names suicide bomber

An Islamic leader in Indonesia has named the suicide bomber who attacked a hotel in Jakarta on Friday.

Abderrahman Assegaf heads an Islamic organisation named the Indonesian Muslim Movement with a claimed membership of 15 million. 

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JEMAAH Islamiah remains the most dangerous terrorist group in Southeast Asia. Although responsibility for these latest attacks in Jakarta remains unclear at this time, the co-ordinated, simultaneous bombings of Western hotels carry the hallmarks of a JI attack.

Who would have thought: Foreign jihadists are living in Gaza!

If this surprises you, you have fallen for the propagandists’ claim that the Palestinian Arabs are waging a nationalist struggle for land, and not an Islamic jihad against Israel. Even Hamas, although it openly proclaims that it is fighting an Islamic jihad, realizes that this news could damage its cause in the eyes of its useful idiots in the international Left, and so issues a furious denial.

“Israel: Foreign Jihadists Are Living in Gaza,” from AP, July 19 (thanks to JW):

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