Jakarta Attacked

  • Round up the usual  suspects! Jehovah’s witnesses or  Buddhists who are trying to give Islam a bad image!
  • The Ritz Carlton hotel was set to be the place for upcoming visit of Manchester United team.

Tim Blair – Friday, July 17, 09

Seven News is reporting two bomb attacks at hotels in Jakarta. 

UPDATE:  18 injured, 6 confirmed dead so far…

Police say bombs have exploded at two hotels in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The facade of the Ritz-Carlton hotel was blown off in one blast this morning and another explosion hit the Marriott hotel, police said. 

UPDATE II. An Australian is said to be among those hurt in the apparent terrorist attacks: 

The blast comes after a warning from security experts earlier this week that Indonesian terror group Jemaah Islamiah, which has been dormant following a crackdown resulting in the arrest and execution of some members, could be set to strike again. 

UPDATE III. Seven is now reporting four people killed, all foreigners. The DFAT hotline for those concerned about Australian relatives in Indonesia: 1300 555 135.

Tim Blair – Friday, July 17, 09 

Another attack in Indonesia: 

Two people have died after a car exploded near a shopping complex in the north of the Indonesian capital. 

Tim Blair: The toll from today’s earlier attacks now stands at nine: 

An Australian man is among 50 people injured in explosions that have rocked two international hotels in Jakarta killing at least nine foreigners – six years after the Marriott Hotel was the scene of a deadly terrorist attack. 

UPDATE. An unexploded bomb found at the Marriot.

UPDATE II. The previously reported “car bomb” is now said to have been caused by a faulty battery.

UPDATE III. Australian trade official Craig Senger is missing in Jakarta following this morning’s bombin

4 thoughts on “Jakarta Attacked”

  1. Also been a car bomb exploded on a toll road (which is an unusual target) – was it en route to another hotel perhaps?

    Meanwhile, the Indonesian government has called on Oz to ramp up the fawning, and import more Indo workers, esp for the satanic meat trade:

    (ABC Rural)
    Indonesia calls for work visas for meat worker

    Friday, 17/07/2009

    The Indonesian Government is calling on Australia to offer more working visas to Indonesians in exchange for the country’s continued support of Australia’s live cattle and beef export industries.

    Mohamed Jumhur Hidayat, the chair of Indonesia’s Board for the Placement of Overseas Workers, says it’s cheaper to import cattle from countries like Brazil and Argentina.

    He says if the Australian Government wants to keep a favourable trading position, it should offer Indonesians more work opportunities, particularly in meatworks where proper halal practices are important to Indonesian Muslims.

    “Why don’t you invite Indonesian people then to take care of this business also?” he says.

    “Why you invite from India, why you invite from Phillipine, why you invite from Vietnam to take care the process of export to Indonesia?

    “It’s not fair, OK. Very clear.”

  2. Third explosion not a bomb, just a battery…

    “The explosion at Muara Angke was not a bomb. The explosion came from a pickup truck which had a faulty battery,”

  3. Al Bee Bee Cera is as usual reporting this as though it has nothing at all to do with Mohammedans and trying to suggest that it might be resentment over the recent Presidential election results. How willfully blind the MSM are and what a great disservice they do to civilization. Of course you put bombs in five star Hotels which are almost exclusively occupied by visiting ‘bule’, as they call us in Indonesia , if you want to get at the Indonesia President. This goes beyond naivety and PC MC moonbatteness this is deliberate misinformation from the MSM. My wife is currently in Jakarta visiting her family and I just spoke to her , the city is on virtual lockdown with security everywhere. I know both of these Hotels well I used to live close by and while security is very prominent on the main entrances it is very lax indeed on side entrances like everything in Indonesia its all top show.

  4. Under multiculturalism all cultures are equally valid. Just because the culture of Islam delights in murder and mayhem doesn’t mean we can disrespect the Islamic culture or regard it an inferior in any way. If they choose to behead people and eat their entrails we should not criticise just because we may instead choose to buy our meat at the supermarket.

    Just practising to be a journalist…. 😉

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