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Jihad in Jakarta

A good summary piece on the Jakarta bombings: “Jihad in Jakarta: Rescuers tend the wounded outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel,” by Tom Allard for the Sydney Morning Herald, July 18/JW

Indonesia ExplosionsCO-ORDINATED explosions ripped through two luxury Jakarta hotels yesterday, killing eight people and wounding more than 50 others, including 18 foreigners, in an attack that targeted Westerners as they sat down for breakfast….

Who are the real fascists in Europe — the defenders of freedom, or their enemies?

One may also add — who are the real fascists in America? Those who are standing up for freedom of speech and the equality of rights of all people before the law, or those who are defaming and vilifying those people, and thereby presenting themselves for service as useful idiots by those who are trying to destroy those freedoms and replace them with Sharia?

In “Who are the fascists in Europe?,” Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine (July 16) defends Geert Wilders from the smear artists here and in Europe. H/T JW

Egypt: Muslims burn church, police arrest Christians

Report: Ethiopian Christians denied burial in Yemeni capital

Islamic Tolerance Alert. We’re told there’s “no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256), but there certainly is a lot of manipulation and coercion by discriminatory practices and general maltreatment. “Christians Denied Funerals in Yemen,” from Orato, July 13 

“It’s Hamaswood instead of Hollywood”-  we used to call it Pallywood. But where do the terrorists get the money from to produce propaganda movies? (hint: from you, the taxpayer…)

article-0-05a05234000005dc-118_468x563Dangerous Lunatics peddle a message of hate: Anjem Choudary urges Britain to adopt public stonings, amputations for criminals and wants to see the flag of Islam over Downing Street-  taxpayer funded!  Daily Mail

‘Most Dangerous Man in Britain’ Freeloads on Taxpayers…

Picture of the Week thanks to the RoP

Ilan died a horrible death in Paris at the hands of the Religion of Peace.  
The Muslims who tortured this young Jewish man for weeks weren’t shy
about openly praising Allah as they 
mocked his grieving family in court.