The End of Free Speech, the Ultimate Erosion of Human Liberty

Austria: Fined €300 for Quoting the Koran: the truth is no defense

Gates of Vienna

An article today on reports that a man was convicted of “belittling religious teachings” for what is essentially no more than quoting or summarizing Islamic scriptures.

This is additional evidence — as if we needed it — that free speech does not exist in Austria, and that the country is rapidly being officially and legally Islamized.

The information the man cited can be sourced directly from the Koran. It doesn’t belittle religious teachings. It is the religious teachings.

Our Austrian correspondent ESW summarizes the case, based on the ORF report, thanks to Gates of Vienna

The Liberal leviathan is criminalising the reality about Islam because it means they have a deadly enemy in their midst and they have to do terrible things to avert the threat. The liberals can’t deal with this, they are catatonic with fear, and hope that it will go away by not talking about it. From Homophobic Horse


Will ‘legal jihad’ silence online critics of Islam?

The rights of Internet journalists are in peril:

When Internet journalist Joe Kaufman wrote an article exposing terrorist connections in two American Muslim groups, he was sued by a swarm of Islamic organizations, none of which he had mentioned in his online article.

The technique is called by some “legal jihad” or “Islamist lawfare,” and the Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Kaufman in the lawsuit, claims Muslim advocates are using the strategy to bully online journalists into silence.

“The lawsuit against Kaufman was funded by the Muslim Legal Fund for America. The head of that organization, Khalil Meek, admitted on a Muslim radio show that lawsuits were being filed against Kaufman and others to set an example,” claims a Thomas More statement on the case. “Indeed, for the last several years, Muslim groups in the U.S. have engaged in the tactic of filing meritless lawsuits to silence any public discussion of Islamic terrorist threats.”

More from Joe Kaufman/World Net Daily>>

The British Government is worse: This British Socialist Government with Brown allowing Sharia law to creep into the UK, Iran won’t have any problems when it takes over the running of the country from Labour.


Here it comes. Thought crime and hate crime legislation. No one can attest to the vile nature of internet harassment, threats and insults more than I can, but I would never silence my “critics”. This law is unconstitutional, a blatant violation of the First Amendment. It destroys the basic tenets of the Constitution. The left is ripping it to shreds. You can view the bill here.

This represents the end of political blogging and free speech on the world wide web.