UK Commies: telling the truth about Islam is "Inciting religious hatred…"


07-07-2009/The Stirrer

If lefty loons and their Mohammedan masters had their way, they would have the BNP banned along with free speech and the Union Jack…

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The far right group responsible for Saturday’s demo against Islamic extremism in Birmingham has revealed it’s opposition to all Muslims practising their faith in Britain.  In an interview with Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg on Talksport last night, spokesman Paul Ray also admitted their links with the BNP.

As we revealed yesterday, the protest was organised by the English (and Welsh) Defence League.

Despite the group’s claim to be non-political, it’s emerged on Indymedia that their website was set up by Chris Renton, a BNP activist who lives in Weston-super-Mare.

* (a look at Indymedia leaves no doubt as to who the enemy is…/ed)

When EDL spokesman Ray was quizzed about this, he acknowledged Renton’s involvement, but insisted, “people’s political views are their own affair.”

During the course of the interview, it became apparent that Ray’s own view of Islamic extremism isn’t limited to suicide bombers and hook handed preachers of hate.

He argued that the Qu’ran teaches all its advocates to wage jihad or holy war in non-Muslim countries, and acknowledged that on this basis, all devout or practising Muslims in Britain, are – in his words – “at war with our country.”

When pressed, he said:  “They’re ultimately engaged in converting our country to an Islamic state…that is the religious mandate of the Qu’ran that all Muslims must adhere too.”

So what of Muslims living here?  Should they be banned from practising their faith – or would be they be deported?

“That’s a question for the politicians…” replied Ray, who was once investigated for 18 months by police in Bedford for allegedly inciting racial hatred on his blog Lionheart – although he was never formally charged.

He boasted that the Birmingham demonstration – and a similar event in London’s Whitechapel on the same day – marked the beginning of a new movement.

“This is only the start of people coming together to fight back against Islamic extremists on the streets”.

With the group planning a further visit to Brum on August 8, it will be interesting to see what action – if any – the Police take.

Inciting religious hatred is, of course, a crime – and an organisation which claims that every active member of a mainstream religion is waging a battle against their own country is, at best, flirting with the limits of free speech.

9 thoughts on “UK Commies: telling the truth about Islam is "Inciting religious hatred…"”

  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The muslims are stopping at nothing in their ‘holy war’ trying to force their ideology on the ‘west’. Glad to see that people are pushing back. Get used to it because it’s going to happen more and more as the ‘wonders’ of radical islam come to light. Radical islam is doing it to itself, the more media it gets the better as far as I’m concerned. The world needs to know. Call me islamophobic if you will but I love my freedom and will protect it by whatever means necessary, just like our parents and grand parents did in the world wars.

  2. This is what happens when mainstream parties completely ignore problems such as immigration and Mohammedan infiltration.

  3. Inciting religious hatred is, of course, what the protesting is all about. Unlike the protests involving muslims against the recent Gaza conflict, there were no calls for genocide and/or praising Hitler.
    Islam needs to be scrutinized and acknowledged and exposed for the all encompassing fascist political belief system that it requires refutation from the highest offices in parliament, but that’s not going to happen when the media fail miserably to research the implications of such an ideology taking hold and inflicting its barbarism on the populace…

  4. Promo video for the Demo!

    The one problem that i have with it is, wish they’d wake up to the Royal traitors that signed away Britain to the EU which is illegal and against the oath the bint took!

  5. If the main partys had only listened to the people of this country, but no they were ignord the MPs now best.We are all fed up with Muslims demanding what they want, if you don’t like the laws in this country please go to another country were your laws are accepted.

  6. It’s you that will get the “cultural awareness training” GR – not them.

  7. This is a comment from today’s guardian …….

    Jul 09, 7:09am (19 minutes ago)
    Let’s face it. If the EHRC were any good at all, the politician who made an appeal to racists everywhere with the phrase “British jobs for British workers,” would have been forced to resign at very least and probably faced criminal charges.

    Criminal charges for supporting your own people .
    You can see it will be an uphill struggle to get the brits to support their own against the muslims .

  8. Inciting religious hatred is, of course, a crime – and an organisation which claims that every active member of a mainstream religion is waging a battle against their own country is, at best, flirting with the limits of free speech.

    But if this religion is working against the interests of the local people, it’s free speech to point this out .
    It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘every active member ‘ or not , there are enough muslims who are working against our interests and who want to cause trouble .

  9. “The true prophet (not the moslem one) is depised in his own land.”
    And then, when it’s too late, the appeasers realize that he was telling the truth all along.
    It’s one minute to midnight; we simply can’t afford to procrastinate any longer.
    To the ramparts!

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