Whitewashing Islam for Western Consumption, 3 examples

“Never argue with idiots. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Goldthwait H. Dorr

Spencer: A Muslim leader condemns “Islamist extremism,” but does he go far enough?


Spencer: In “Muslim Leader Condemns Terrorism” at FrontPage this morning, I note that an Islamic leader in Long Island is “angry” about the actions of jihadist Ibrahim Vinas. But what is he really going to do about it?

Nayyar Imam, leader of the Islamic Association of Long Island, is angry. “We are really angry — this is the last thing that we need to happen to us.” What has angered him is that Bryant Neal “Ibrahim” Vinas, a convert to Islam and member of his mosque, has been charged with involvement in an attack on an American military base in Afghanistan and providing information about the New York City subway system to Al-Qaeda operatives.Said Imam: “We definitely condemn this kind of action and if anyone in the mosque knew about this they would have been the first one to report it to the authorities.” He complained that “one bad apple is bringing a negative image to the whole community.” Muslims, Imam continued, “are Americans too and they are concerned about American security and American safety just as much as everyone else. We don’t want one bad apple to paint a false picture of the thousands and thousands of Muslims who live on Long Island.” According to Long Island’s Times Beacon Record Media, “the religious leader said Islamist extremism is universally frowned upon at the Selden mosque. ‘If it comes up in a discussion, it always comes in the negative sense.’” Said Vinas, “I keep an eye like a hawk on this place.”  *Please read Hugh Fitzgerald’s comment at the bottom of this page…

Yeah, sure, Judge, I wrote a book about jihad, but I don’t believe in it anymore, and anyway, I was depressed

He was depressed, you see, and unskilled, and that led him to Misunderstand Islam. The judicial rulings in “Provisions of the Rules of Jihad”? Ignore them. They are of no importance. He was depressed, remember. He was unskilled. And he doesn’t believe any of it, either. “Jihad book editor ‘renounced terrorism,'” by Katelyn Catanzariti for AAP, July 31 (thanks to all who sent this in):

A Sydney man who produced a do-it-yourself jihad book did not realise he was committing a crime but has since renounced terrorism and violence, his sentencing judge has been told. More from JW

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Khairil Azhar from the Jakarta Post wonders about the “proper interpretation of Islamic teachings”

Since Islamic clerics have the utmost responsibility in the proper interpretation of Islamic teachings, along with their concerns for a peaceful Indonesia and nonviolent Islam, they need to encourage Muslim preachers, especially during Friday prayers, to promote peace and love for others and not hatred and violence.

Khairil  is trying to tell us that there are some “misunderstanders of Islam” who misinterpret the texts of the holy Koran and take the sura’s “out of context”– a painful exercise indeed. Trouble is, our Western media whores can never get enough of these lies and shallow attempts to deflect away from the essential teachings of Islam….

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Hugh Fitzgerald comments on “Islamic Extremism”

Muslims, Imam continued, “are Americans too and they are concerned about American security and American safety just as much as everyone else. 

Are they really? Are Muslims “Americans too and they are concerned about American secuirty and American safety just as much as everyone else”? Can they be? Can those who identify themselves as Muslims, thereby telling us that at the very least, they consider the Qur’an, including all the verses such as 9.5 and 9.29 and a hundred other “jihad” verses, to be the literal word of God, and who would gladly suppress freedom of speech and the Establishment Clause (so that Islam could be the state religion) and the Free Exercise Clause (for the Shari’a does not allow for the unhindered exercise of any faith but Islam), and who, one can legitimately and quite reasonably assume will work to remove all barriers to the spread and then the dominance of Islam cannot be, in the sense in which non-Muslims can be, American citizens, happy with, and supportive of, the Constitution of the United Statess. For that Constitution, and especially the first eight amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights (a guarantee of rights for the individual, of various sorts) is the greatest barrier to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. So how is it, how can it be, that a Muslim who takes the teachings of Islam seriously can possibly support that Constitution, and the political theory, and the view of man, that that Constitution and its Amendments reflect, so un-Islamic, so opposed to Islam, in every way? 

Muislims know that the victory of Islam, the conquest of the West in particular, will take time. They are not fools,. and they have a long time horizon, and they have been taught patience, not least by the example of Muhammad, the Perfect Man, al-insan al-kamil.They may have to ostentatiously appear to be a “moderate” unhappy with those Muslims who do not know how to behave, or who think that at this point that violence as an instrument of Jihad makes sense (right now the soi-disant “moderates” are opposed to the use of violence, but that does not mean that they abjure such use for all time, nor does it mean that they reject the “jihad” to ensure the dominance of Islam and, ideally, the imposition of the Shari’a, the Holy Law of islam, everywhere in the world) — doesn’t, but in a while, as the Muslim population and Muslim power grows….? 

How is it possible for those whose view of the world and of God, and of First Things and Last Things, is to completely different from the views of those who founded, created, and built this country, and continue to build it still, could possibly — in what sense other than the purely technical, or the purely geographical — be considered, intellectually or morally, just like any other Americans? It isn’t possible. And those who claim this either do not understand the American Constitution and its view of the legitimacy of a representative government (and the theory that underlies it), and the great solicitiousness shown the individual and individual rights, or do not know what Islam’s texts and tenets say, teach, inculcate or — and this is most likely — have a most imperfect grasp of both. 

And that is the problem.

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  1. “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy – otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union. ”

    This is by roy hattersley in today’s guardian – so my constituents who voted me in want this but I take no notice of them – such arrogance!

    He also suggested banning the paperback version (as if ONLY banning the paperback version is OK ) of Satanic Verses

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