Anjem Choudary accuses Queen of England of Genocide in Afghanistan

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The Brits will not wake up until this happens:


FANATICS led by a sponging Islamic extremist enraged MPs yesterday by publicly demanding the Queen is prosecuted – for GENOCIDE.


Rabble-rouser Anjem Choudary’s cohorts accused British troops of wiping out the civilian population in Afghanistan and said it was Her Majesty’s fault because she is “the head of this country”.

Anjem Choudary   

Extremist …Good Muslim: Anjem Choudary  (what will it take for olde England to get rid of this dreck?)

In an internet rant to fellow extremist Muslims, they declare: “She is the one who applauds her sons and daughters to go out and massacre hundreds and thousands of innocent people.

“Shouldn’t she be tried for genocide and the extermination of a nation?” The fanatics insist: “Yes.” Labour MP Andrew Dismore said of the shameful attack that appeared on a website linked to Choudary: “Never mind calling for the prosecution of the Queen.

“The Queen should prosecute HIM. It’s about time he was busted.”


Our Boys ... doing their job   

Our Boys … doing their job

Fellow MP Patrick Mercer – chairman of the Commons counter- terrorism sub-committee – branded it an “insult to our monarch.”

The ex-soldier stormed: “We must recognise Mr Choudary’s words for what they are – weapons being wielded by al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

“This is the next phase of an enemy operation in our country.”

Cops are currently investigating Choudary, 42 – who is on benefits and is a pal of hate preacher Omar Bakri – for demanding gays be stoned to death.

Douglas Murray, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said of the latest outrage: “It’s especially offensive because the people behind it are living off handouts from the British taxpayer.” (Indeed, they do/ed)

British intelligence service mistakenly recruited Al-Qaeda sympathizers

No surprise here. Given the dogmatic insistence at the highest levels that Islam is a Religion of Peace, MI5 probably wouldn’t even have known the proper questions to ask in order to try to determine if recruits had such sympathies, and if they did know those questions, political correctness would have made them not dream of asking them.

“Al-Qaeda supporters ‘joined MI5,‘” from the BBC, August 1 (thanks to JW):

16 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary accuses Queen of England of Genocide in Afghanistan”

  1. The last email is not a call to violence – the government should execute the spy – he is prosecuting an islamic war as a civilian in our country as a civilian – under all conventions of war he should be executed. The government should execute this miserable sponging bastard and its followers:

  2. Here, here, Kaw…public execution….five rifleman from …you guessed it…the British “The Rifles” regiment!

    “Sgt. Major! I want a bayonet squad assembled to plug any gaps”….Michael Caine in Rourke’s Drift.

    Get His Ass.

  3. choudary – absolutely can’t stand him .
    He keeps talking about how him and his ilk will take over – the galling thing is , he’s almost certainly right .
    He preaches sedition quite openly -what happens to him ?- nothing !
    There are a lot more like him in UK – nothing happens to them either .

  4. “The latest from Vlad Tepes. An old Popeye cartoon is more matter of fact than any of our modern day politicians and ME “experts”. ”

    I saw this overon Tundra Tabloids .
    It rung a bell with me – I noticed if you come across old writings on the muslim world ( travellers ./ diplomats etc. ) , written before the age of PC , you find a lot of well -written , seeingly unbiased portrayals of the muslims world – and they’re not at all flattering .
    And these people had no axe to grind -just the muslim world as they saw it

  5. Persikas,
    Scum like choudhury will not ever take over – but people really need to start making the idiots in NullLabor pay in the ballot box, and the message should be clearly understood by the Tories etc. We will not loose this battle, but we need to start throwing the Benedict Arnolds out of political office now – and this also includes the public service.
    The only way that pigs like choudhury can gain is when people give up – remember – to win you only have to say “no” one more time than they ask you to accept them. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  6. HEY!!! I like the Queen. She rocks. I think you need some incitement to commit terror laws or something.

  7. Watch the left argue that the Monarchy is a useless institution which is kinda true, but this is totally irrelevant to this issue.

    I hope the Brits take a lot of offense to this and get rid of him.

  8. There’s no option to deport this sordid little infestation, but cutting the jizya (benefits) would curtail his idle mind from the devil’s workshop…

  9. eloivsdiablo:- there is one very clear and compelling option. Stand him up against a wall before a firing squad. Whatever happened to the crime of sedition? Has it become a casualty of multiculturalism and political correctness? We shall never shake off the yoke of islam until we stop buying into the victim propoganda of the followers of the great paedophile.
    To the ramparts!

  10. Actually, the crime of sedition is not the first priority – this thug represents a significant long term danger to the people of the UK . This danger alone should put the urgency of a solution well out of the realm of the PC world and multiculturalism.

  11. I think Choudary is an MI5 agent !!!
    He keeps idiot Muslims in the public eye with his shenanigans reminding the great British public that we have a society of demented
    murdering loons of an odious death cult in our midst.
    He serves as a constant reminder of the mind patology that is Islam.
    Keep it up Anjem less we forget the teachings of that old fleabag Mo
    and the totalitatian nightmare that they want to share with the civilised world.

  12. Choudary is a muslim pedophile sponging pig faced piece of camel shit. He should be booted out after his arms and legs have been amputated.
    Our Queen has no say in our troops being in the middle east, killing pedophile muslim shit. The sooner choudary dies of pig flu the better!!
    And be warned, English people will soon disobey our government and kick all muslim shit out of our over-tolerant country. WE HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF YOU MUSLIM SHIT.

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