Climate of greed

Andrew Bolt:

Getting on that gravy train:

Ministers from 10 African countries are meeting in Ethiopia to try to agree a common position on climate change, months before a crucial UN meeting. They are expected to renew demands for billions of dollars in compensation for Africa because of damage caused by global warming.

Will we get a deduction for the gases emitted in producing African aid?

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2 thoughts on “Climate of greed”

  1. Here is a point of real concern. The official statistics on the UK prison population are not going to be published tomorrow, and may be delayed for several months. This statement has been accorded to the relevant Public service department (Department of Justice) in a report posted onto Sky news. The problem is reported as computer system failure. This excuse is blatant rubbish in that downtime of several months due to system failure in a major public department should NOT happen. Forgive me for being suspicious, but I smell a NullLabor cover up, particular given the sensitivity on immigration related issues at the current time.

  2. Blacks and ARABS and ARAB Mohammedans were taking slaves in Africa hundreds of years BEFORE any white man set foot there and are STILL doing so today. What does the West have to compensate them for. Also there is not ONE ex Colony in Africa where the people are more free, more wealthy and more healthy that they were under the Colonial powers. THEY shoud be paying us not the other way round. But hey its only ‘whitey’ who can be racist its the PC, MC, ‘libtard’, moonbat rule.

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